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The Gallant Trees are a Melbourne indie rock band that was originally the solo musical project of Taswegian native Joel Stibbard.

When asked to support Vicuna Coat and the Go Go Sapians, Joel arrived with nothing but an acoustic guitar, Gordon Blake (Vicuna Coat, Bedroom Philosopher and Damian Cowell’s Disco Machine) recalls, “we were thinking I don’t know if this guy will fit – I mean we were pretty cliquey and no one knew ‘im so he had to win over a whole room of ‘friends’ [none of whom were his]. And then he (Stibbard) started playing and it was so quirky, and we were like ‘AWESOME’”.

Click here to see it biggerOn release of his birdwatching EP, where mum and sister performed with him, The Gallant Trees expanded into a band when Chris Chinchilla (Art Brut) and Tim Woods responded to Joel’s community announcement for band members.

Today, TGT’s line-up consists of the original musical stylings of aforementioned Joel Stibbard on lead vocals, guitar and mandolin; Alistair Cook (Frequency, Patra Kay) on drums, percussion and vocals; Sonja van den Berg (Michael Meeking and the Ladies in Waiting, Patra Kay) on bass; Gordon Blake on guitars, flute and trombone.

The Gallant Trees traversed the countryside, garnering support from local acts, such as Courtney Barnett, Ali Barter and international acts like Abdoujaparov (UK) to play gigs in all of Australia’s major capital cities.
The launch of avian rock album Music for Frustrated Ornothologists was described by Andy Hazelwood as an ‘unmitigated triumph’.

In 2017 The Gallant Trees have let head banging pigeons and Roy The Renegade Seagull fly and replaced them with Stibbard’s bleeding heart and soul in sophomore album Open Book Syndrome.

The mix of mandolin and various horns are reminiscent of Green-era REM. Open Book Syndrome is fun, emotional and cleverly crafted. It gets better with every listen and with a newly signed distribution deal with Half a Cow Records, Open Book Syndrome will be a shining star in a galaxy of meta and digital DIY recordings!


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