Room 15

released October 2002

1. Doctor Do Very Little
2. High On Life
3. Roll Over
4. By Your Side
5. Town To Town
6. Where I'll Be Waiting For You
7. Canvas Boy
8. Oh Me Oh My
9. You Would Love Me More If?
10. Dead Man
11. Diamond Eyes
12. Hand In Hand

Grandview is Trent McNamara and Tim Oxley. They originally met when Trent's band Four Horse Town played a string of shows with Tim's band The Dearhunters back in 1999. Making friends, discovering their love of love songs and perfect harmonies, they joined musical forces in April 2001 as Grandview. Their new album, Room 15 is a collection of eight songs recorded while living at the Grandview Hotel in Melbourne and an additional five songs recorded when they followed their hearts back to Sydney. Room 15 is full of beautiful melodies, ranging from the sentimental to the downright romantic with gentle guitars and gorgeous harmonies that will make you weep and smile at the same time.

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