released January 1992

1. Cheerleader
2. Eskimo
3. Cheerleader (Karaoke Mix)
4. Eskimo 2

LAST COPIES. Plunderers under a different name. Cheerleader and Eskimo 2 also appears on Silver Apples (hac34). Eskimo and a new mix of Cheerleader appears on Plunderers' Banana Smoothie Honey (hac93).

Silver Apples/Fade

released January 1995

HIPPY DRIBBLE: Silver Apples
1. Cheerleader
2. Spree
3. Just Another Dream
4. Silver Apples
5. That's Wow
6. People, Why're You Weeping?
7. Oceans So Deep
8. Take A Ride
9. Dog The Bone
10.Motels On My Mind
11.Hippy Dribble

15.Last Time
16.Crayon Cafe
17.Dying (So long)
18.And So The Story Goes

Cover Art Plunderers aka Hippy Dribble Silver Apples

Cover Art Plunderers aka Captain Denim Fade EP

The Plunderers were one of the most colourful and prolific bands in Sydney during the late 1980's and early 1990's. So much so, that they formed two spin-off bands: Hippy Dribble and Captain Denim. Stevie Plunder, Nic Dalton and Geoff Milne released two records under the name Hippy Dribble - Wild Strawberri and 'Cheerleader' and one 10 inch by Captain Denim titled Fade. All these songs plus the Silver Apples recordings can now be found on the one disc - everything the Plundees recorded for their two spin-off bands.


released January 1992

side 1: Cheerleader
side 2: Lurve/Eskimo/Filthy

The Plunderers' alter-ego only single release, Cheerleader (also appeared on cd single as hac18) with three b-sides that have since appeared on Hippy Dribble's Silver Apples cd (Cheerleader, Lurve & Filthy) and Plunderers' Banana Smoothie Honey cd (Eskimo, which also included a new mix of Cheerleader).

Wild Strawberri 12" EP

released January 1990

Side One:
1. Take A Ride
2. Dog The Bone
Side Two:
3. Motels On My Mind
4. Hippy Dribble

PLEASE NOTE: 12 inch vinyl has extra postage/packaging charges. Postage Australia wide: $8.00. Overseas see shipping page for extra charge. See shipping

Back in stock! Plunderers spin-off band. The first Hippy Dribble release and one of the best mastering cuts we've ever heard. Lots of bass. All these songs have since appeared elsewhere (all on the Hippy Dribble Silver Apples cd and 'Take A Ride' is also on Plunderers' Banana Smoothie Honey compilation cd). But you won't hear these tracks sounding any better than on this EP. Limited to 500 copies - these are the last copies left. Includes lyric sheet on the back.

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