Buildings And Grounds w/ BONUS cd

released January 2000

1. Girl
2. People Say
3. Way You Walk
4. Vertical Lives
5. What Am I Supposed To Do?
6. Far From An Answer
7. I Believe In Fate
8. It's Over Now
9. Questions
10. Beside You
11. Another Day
12. I'll Be Gone
13. Lost In A Dream

bonus cd with 3 unreleased tracks:
1. Far From An Answer
2. People Say
3. Way You Walk
4. Vertical Lives

pApAs fritAs are a POP band who write ultra-catchy three-minute pop songs. On Buildings and Grounds they throw the canvas further afield and take in some mid-'70s disco (Far From An Answer) and quiet love songs (Girl). A band who has already built up a considerable following with their first two albums (Shock Records licenced their first album in Australia in 1995), Buildings and Grounds is undoubtedly their finest work to date and will win them many more fans.

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