T Star

released January 1993

1. Moments Like These
2. Come To Me
3. M-83
4. Earthbound 153
5. Dead Words

LAST COPIES. Also available as an iTunes download.

Debut release.

The Gentle Art Of Spoonbending

released January 1995

1. Up To You
2. Help Yourself
3. Day After Day
4. Splinter
5. I Came Here To Learn Flamenco



released January 1995

1. Third Message
2. Down To Luck
3. Loose Change
4. Avant Gardening
5. Heavy Water
6. Slideshow Freak
7. Anything You Want
8. Stones In My Shoe
9. L. Ron
10. Evil Eye
11. Weight To Lean On
12. Not Coming Home


released January 1997

1. The Other Side Of Light
2. God
3. Here She Comes Again
4. Intensify
5. Way Back Home
6. Mummy/Daddy
7. Titanic Days
8. Sunshine In A Pocket
9. Mad Woman Of The Universe
10. Hippopotta M.
11. It's About Us
12. What I See What I Saw
13. One More Day

DELETED. Second and final album. Includes the singles God, Here She Comes Again and Titanic Days.

Yoko Icepick

released August 1993

1. Now You Know
2. Gone To My Head
3. Can't Let You Go
4. Thanks For Comin'

Sidewinder's second release from 1993 which showed a more assured sound - the first taste of the brilliance this band had. Featuring the original lineup of Pip Branson, Martin Craft, Nick Craft and Giri Fox with Jeremy David on violin (track 1).

This EP has been long-deleted and is now back again as an iTunes download.

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