Wonder From A Quarter Acre

released January 1998

1. Art Of Fighting: The Chorus Is Suffering
2. The Avalanches: Under Sea Community
3. El Mopa: Tenderhook
4. S-Bahn: Lake Of Fur
5. Sea Scouts: Zac Heard A Scream
6. Sphyzein: Bit
7. the band formerly known as 2 Litre Dolby: Honey Von Cutulle
8. Golden Lifestyle Band: A Call Backward
9. Art Of Fighting: You And Me On Mars
10. The Avalanches: Yamaha Superstar
11. the band formerly known as 2 Litre Dolby: Frida Kahlo
12. S-Bahn: Down On Broadway
13. Golden Lifestyle Band: The Againth Of Must I
14. El Mopa: The Ascent
15. Sphyzein: Deep Seat
16. Sea Scouts: The Lighting Song

A whole bunch of 'new' mainly Melbourne and Sydney bands from the late Nineties tastefully collected on this compilation from Au-Go-Go Records. Hacwatch: includes early recordings by Art Of Fighting and the band formerly known as 2 Litre Dolby.

Two Minute Noodle

released January 1998

side 1:
Nic Dalton: Lion Lane
Tim Steward: The Singer
Scabby: Moonsong
side 2:
Jamie Hutchings: Brother You Were Built For Speed
Moler: Brain Dead
Nathan Williams: Breadwinner

Mostly acoustic compilation featuring Tim Steward from Screamfeeder, Scabby (Liz Spdfgh and Brad Gerling) and Jamie Hutchings from Blue Bottle Kiss. All songs under two minutes. Also includes 8 page booklet. Ltd. to 300 numbered copies.

Heard It Through The Bovine Vol 2

released January 1999

1. Smudge: Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra
2. Tendrils: Goat Curry
3. Bernie Hayes: Falling Over Backwards
4. 2 Litre Dolby: Dead Letter Office
5. Art Of Fighting: Sliding
6. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists: Put Your Trust In Me
7. The Orange Humble Band: It Doesn't Matter
8. The Eastern Dark: Johnny & Dee Dee
9. The Missing Links: Wild About You
10. Sneeze: The Condensed Four Seezons

Smudge: Real McCoy Wrong Sinatra Lifted from the album of the same name (Hac 73), this tune finds Smudge 'frontman' Tom Morgan going it alone with the acoustic guitar and yet more lyrical references to a certain heavily-tattooed bohemian. But make no mistake, the album as a whole is a rootsy, rockin' affair high on melody with a true Modern Lovers aesthetic.

Tendrils: Goat Curry Tendrils is the highly lauded vehicle for extraordinary guitarist Charlie Owen (New Christs, Beasts of Bourbon) and Hoss frontman Joel Silbersher. Taken from their brooding and beautiful Soaking Red album (Hac 71), "Goat Curry" is a succulent 'taster' of their parched, surreal ballads.

Bernie Hayes: Falling Over Backwards Bernie began earning a living by singing, playing and writing songs before he even left school. It was all he did and it was everything he did. What was then captivating natural talent has now a lot more to offer - an incredible voice made tender and terrible by experience, a life drawn into song by effortless melodies. "Falling Over Backwards" is lifted from his debut album Every Tuesday, Sometimes Sunday (Hac 84).

the band formerly known as 2 Litre Dolby: Dead Letter Office Lifted from the El Caballo Rojo album (Hac 77), an epic 8 song 70 minute platter ranging from melancholic beauty to cyclic white noise, "Dead Letter Office" finds the 'Dolby taking their most straightforward, melodic approach, but still one which spells out their sheer musical inventiveness.

Art Of Fighting: Sliding Making music of uneasy grace, exploring expansive involved arrangements within a subtle, almost quiet setting, young Melbourne four-piece Art Of Fighting more than hint at what all the fuss is about with this selection from their debut release The Very Strange Year (Hac 74).

Kim Salmon & The Surrealists: Put Your Trust In Me Can this man do no wrong? Yet another fine slab of sound from the ex-Scientist's most recent album Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing (Hac 63). Recorded in Kim's kitchen and then mixed in Memphis with the legendary Jim Dickinson, Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing is a highly potent mix of rhythm 'n' blues, kitsch crooning, a dash of country and that renowned slow-grinding Salmon rock...but expect something very different the next time 'round.

The Orange Humble Band: It Doesn't Matter A mighty fine slab of infectious pop from the beguilingly titled Orange Humble Band. based around the irrepressible songwriting talents of Darryl Mather (Someloves) and featuring vocals from The Posies' Ken Stringfellow, production from Mitch Easter and spots from a host of high profile Australians including Bill Gibson (The Eastern Dark), The Orange Humble Band's Assorted Creams album (Hac 67) offers a rollicking yet majestic rock & roll experience.

The Eastern Dark: Johnny & Dee Dee A high adrenaline paean to two of the legendary 'brudders' from the tragically short-lived Eastern Dark, this track is lifted from the Where Are All The Single Girls? (Hac 75) definitive compilation, covering all their studio recordings (including demos) and another 9 live originals. Due for release in October '99 with extensive liner notes and photos.

The Missing Links: Wild About You Widely recognised as 'Australia's wildest '60's band', these teenage 'pioneers of punk' haven't dated one bit. Now their generous legacy of four singles, an album and an EP and some never-before-released material has all been lovingly packaged together with the definitive story and a host of unpublished photos. The music can't be described - it has to be heard - so check out Driving You Insane (Hac 76).

Sneeze: The Condensed Four Seezons With a complete turnaround from their 1993 double self-titled 7" and cd (41 songs all under 2 minutes in length!), Sneeze released an 18 minute, 55 second epic called The Four Seezons (Hac 69) on 12" LP with 11 acoustic songs from a live radio show on the B side (Sneeze's first ever live performance). Available only here on "Heard It Through The Bovine (Vol 2)" is a condensed version of "The Four Seezons" lovingly edited by William Bowden.

Heard It Through The Bovine Vol 3

released January 2002

1. Dog Trumpet: Slow Down
2. Grandview: Roll Over
3. The Savages: Let's Run
4. Vermishus: Anyone
5. The Orange Humble Band: What's Your Crime?
6. Sneeze: (You're Not) The 'Onely One
7. Bernie Hayes: Last Time
8. Kim Salmon & The Business: Nothing Can Go Wrong
9. The Eastern Dark: Walking
10. Art Of Fighting: Your Resistance
11. Smudge: Hot Potato
12. Whopping Big Naughty: Ya Can't Blame Me For Anything
13. Plunderers: Troublestuck
14. The Missing Links: I'll Go Crazy
15. Papas Fritas: Girl

Slice Two

released January 1993

1. Timebomb: Cable
2. Daisygrinders: Test Pattern Baby
3. Snout: Holiday
4. Mandee: Mustn't Mean Much
5. Sidewinder: Last Time
6. Ice Nine: Holiday
7. Fudge Puddle: Dive In
8. Whopping Big Naughty: I Don't Wanna Die
9. Starbelly: Mortal Angel
10. The Hammonds: A.P.R
11. Swirl: Burning Castles
12. Smudge: Tea, Toast and Turmoil
13. Jupiter: Meltdown
14. Studley Lush: Fight To Be Free

The first Half A Cow compilation on cd - includes the Slice seven inch tracks.


released January 1993

1. Sneeze: Ying & Yang Telephone
2. Crow: Light
3. Godstar: Single
4. Fuzzy: Four Wheel Friend
5. Sidewinder: Gone To My Head
6. Hippy Dribble: Cheerleader
7. Smudge: Straight Face Down
8. Daisygrinders: A Head
9. Swirl: Fadeaway
10. Love Positions: Don't Slow Down
11. Sneeze: Ripped Jeans

LAST COPIES. Initially put together for a Juice magazine subscription drive.

La Femme, No Homme? (She Loves You Vol.1)

released October 2001

Vermishus: Amaze Me
The Spinsters: Bad Pills
Nitocris: O.B.I.D.
Spdfgh: Wikky's Ode
Bidston Moss: Junior
Skulker: Hej
Lustre 4: Ma Hannah
Look Blue Go Purple: Cactus Cat
Semi-Gloss: Eight Million Strong
Stella One Eleven: Go Slow Girl
Fuzzy: Dead End Day
Moler: Used To Be
Undergirl: My Girl
Half Miler: Married
Twelve24: Jenny
120 Mins: Each Time
Robyn St Clare: Slow Slide Down
Sunday: Going Home

Half A Cow Records is proud to release this 18 track compilation of entirely female-driven bands that feature current artists such as Nitocris, Stella One Eleven, Skulker and Bidston Moss and others from times gone by such as New Zealand's Look Blue Go Purple, Spdfgh and Lustre 4. Mainly Australian and mainly pop (in the rock & roll sense, not the britney way), this compilation also includes a 32 page booklet with bios of all the bands, an interview with the drummers and anecdotes about being a girl in the music scene.

Minutesongs (12 bands in 12 minutes) 7inch

released January 2003

Side A:
1. Clayton Farlow: Dancing With You
2. Tripophon: Nonlinearer Schnitt
3. Locas In Love: What Matters Is The Poem
4. Helgoland: Malato Minuto
5. Mawe & The Walkie Talkie Monsters: Casiotone Toothdrum
6. Centro-matic: The Pilot's On The Wall
Side B:
7. Kurt Kreikenbom: L.A. Lullaby
8. Nilg: Verstehnis
9. Treysuno: Movement
10. Subterfuge: The Art Of Fighting
11. Muller: Ode To Plus Ganzwind
12. F-holes: Tea, Toast & Turmoil

Twelve bands in 12 minutes! Most bands are from Germany. Includes Robyn and Nic from Love Positions reformed in 2002 as the F-holes doing a cover of Smudge's 'Tea, Toast & Turmoil'. Comes with 8 page booklet full of band info and one minute paintings and drawings.

label bio:
LST 001 is an old-fashioned sampler, indeed it's entirely tied to the 90s (or the way we perceived them through Sentridoh and Wingtip Sloat (dig them!) 7"s. With it's handmade appearence (largely due to it being handmade, for the most part), photocopied booklet, and handnumbered seal it speaks of a time that appears to be long gone. They spelled it v-i-n-y-l and d-i-y, we're told. There are twelve bands on this sampler, each supplying a song exactly one minute in length. This is a nice thing for those tiny bits of tape that are always left when you make a mixtape (if you are the kind of person who likes 7"s, how could you not still like tapes?). Which bands, you ask? Here we go:
Clayton Farlow "Dancing With You" has more memorable melodies than you'd think one could possibly squeeze into one minute. Clayton Farlow are fond of the Elephant 6 school of songcraft and are not afraid to show it. This song will make you move your feet - if only for a minute.
Tripophon "Nonlinearer Schnitt" is German for "Nonlinear Cut". The title says quite a bit about the songs but it fails to explain why an act from the tiny German town of Ilmenau found a sound so entirly its own, somewhere between modern electronica and 60s instrumental music. You can download more great songs here: www.tripophon.de
Locas In Love Since maybe you aren't fluent in German you may not notice that "What Matters Is The Poem" is something like a mission statement from the Locas. Nevertheless you may enjoy their German take on Glaswegian Folk.
Helgoland These People from Hamburg claim that they don't know how to write long songs. Naturally they had to be included. "Malato Minuto" shows that the bassoon is an instrument that has too long been underappreciated in rock music.
Mawe & The Walkie Talkie Monsters Another self-explanetory song title: "Casiotone Toothbrush" is another outing of southern Germanys hero of lo-fi songwriting and prime collector of old electronic instruments Mawe. He also plays in Mikrofisch who will be on one of the Punk Rock Samplers to come.
Centro-Matic Whether it is with Centro-Matic, South San Gabriel or alone, Will Johnson from Denton/Texas is always great. "The Pilot's On The Wall" is further evidence that he is among the best (and most often overlooked) songwriters of his generation.
Kurt Kreikenbom If Kurt Kreikenbom has been one of the most prolific musicians in Cologne for quite some time - although we guess that, hearing "L.A. Lullaby", you would have thought he had recorded it in a long forgotten jam session with Gram Parsons, late '67, somewhere in California.
Nilg If Nilg took just a little less time to record their records (they are now in the fifth year of finishing the follow-up to their debut) they would be modern-day Krautrock legends. "Verstehnis" is the first song they've released since then and we are very proud to have it on this sampler.
Treysuno "Movement" is a 'lets us expect great things from Treysuno'. These guys from Ohio are currently recording their debut full length which will be released later this year (or early 2004). Certainly the most powerful song on this sampler.
Subterfuge Subterfuge have been something like the German Teenage Fanclub for the last ten years. "The Art Of Fighting" is such a sweet short song that we hope this band will continue to release records for at least another ten years.
Muller Archie Muller is one of the best people we know. He has recorded with members of the Oblivians in Memphis, has played in countless bands and projects and now runs the amazing label Schinderwies Productions in Regensburg/Bavaria. We have yet to be disappointed by something that he has been involved with.
F-Holes Nic Dalton runs the Half A Cow label in Sydney. Amongst other bands they release records by Smudge, led by sometime Lemonhead Tom Morgan. "Tea, Toast and Turmoil" is a Tom Morgan song. Nic (who plays in Sneeze with Tom) covered this song specially for this record. It is a joyous anthem and a perfect example of how fulfilling short songs can be.

Low Transit Industries SINGLES CLUB Split 7 inch Collective

released January 2004

1. The Loch Ness Mouse - Friends & Fenders
2. Sneeze - Sagrada Familia
3. Homescience - June
4. The Zebras - Car Of Idiots
5. Disaster Plan - Waited Too Long
6. Paper Moon - Your Thesaurus Won't Help You Now
7. Serena Maneesh - Drive Me Home The Lonely Nights
8. The Minders - Go Wave Your Wand
9. The Essex Green - The Late Great Cassiopia
10. Black Nielson - Dinosaur
11. The Bites - Etwas Neues
12. Alma - Everyone Was Right
13. ill Bravados - Hall Of Annexed Records
14. The Smallgoods - Abraham Lincoln
15. The Parkas - The Heart Is Only A Muscle
16. The Ladybug Transistor - Jersey Streets
17. Royal City - I Called
18. Mid-State Orange - Casualties Of Casual Ties

A great compilation - it's pretty hard to please everyone with a whole stack of different bands but Low Transit have done a wonderful job here. Not one dud track! Fans of catchy yet slightly off-kilter pop will love this cd.

Sneeze return to their pop roots with 'Sagrada Familia' - their ode to Gaudi's unfinished church in Barcelona - and the Smallgoods with 'Abraham Lincoln'.

from the press release:
Back in the autumn of 2003 three guys had a dream of releasing 14 split 7 inches featuring 28 of the worlds premier POP! & roll bands. Unfortunately the fundamental flaw in this plan was no one seemed to own turntables anymore. Only six of the proposed ever got released and the club was forced to fold in the winter of 2004. The club received great publicity over it's short life and gave a heap of great exposure for some top up and coming artists. This CD is a compilation of the first 6 records plus 6 extra tracks that were scheduled for release but never saw the light of day.

The Scene From Northern Victoria

released January 1999

1. The Freeways: Lost Major
2. The Freeways: Busy Freeway
3. The Lonely Ones: I'll Never Get Over You
4. The Lonely Ones: I Wonder Why
5. The Checkmates: Dream Land
6. The Checkmates: You Said
7. The Emeralds: I'll Tell
8. The Emeralds: I Think I Really Love You
9. Peter & The Silhouettes: Claudette Jones
10. Peter & The Silhouettes: The Natural Man
11. M.I.5: Muggsie
12. M.I.5: My Home Town
13. The Liv'n' End: Come Back Now
14. The Liv'n' End: Somehow

A cd reissue of a mega rare album containing tracks from Bendigo bands of the mid-60s.

Shake Yer Boomerang: A Popboomerang Records compilation

released January 2003

1. The Stoneage Hearts - Shake Yer Popboomerang
2. Magneto - Living On The Moon
3. Her Majesty's Finest - Peggy Wednesday
4. Sarah Sarah - Ignorance & Arrogance
5. Treetops - Confused
6. Starky - Yesterday I Drove Your Girlfriend Home
7. The Smallgoods- Listen To The Radio
8. The Dreamdayers - I Will Listen
9. The Decembers - Saving Everything
10. Never Loved Elvis - Rodney Smart
11. Dom Mariani - Brothers and Sisters
12. Run On One - Karenin's Smile
13. The Elements - Ordinary Day
14. Tim Reid - Dancing Girl
15. Groundswell - To Be Young
16. Charles Jenkins - The Black Madonna
17. Showbag! - Goodbye Friend
18. Superscope - Untitled Demo #1
19. Joe Algeri & Danny McDonald - Til The End
20. Marcus Goodwin - One To Right
21. The Genes - Peeling >From The Ceiling
22. Andy Star - Lucky Strike (radio edit)
23. Danny McDonald - In The Comfort Of A Summer's Night (acoustic)

NewMelbourne based labelPopboomerang Records are proud to announce the release of their compilation album calledShake Yer Popboomerang.The23 track cd features unreleased and raretunes from Australianpop rockers such asDomMariani (Stems, DM3), Charles Jenkins (Icecream Hands), Smallgoods, Danny McDonald (P76), Starky,Superscope, Groundswell, Tim Reid, Treetops, Sarah Sarah and more!

Any one of these songs could be your next favourite. Each tune teases your reminiscence nerve. You won't get that same butterflittery feeling in your tum-tum 'til you next hit the swings. Take the seemingly sweet innocence of the sixties, throw in a touch of the eighties, then shake it up some, throw it 40 degrees from the wind, let it spin into heaven and then fall onto your toe tapping shoe. These brand spanking new Aussie creations have been conveniently packaged up for us to love and cherish. "I've fallen in love- I think I've had too much wine," notes Run On One in 'Karenin's Smile'. Too true. Even without love drugs, you'll be declaring your affections for this little gem filled to the brim with catchy luckless romance. She's a pearler. Just a few of the highlights include the addictive Magneto, the adorable Treetops, and the wonderful Starky bursting with Fountains Of Wayne cuteness. From the moody tear-jerking lull of Smallgoods 'Listen To The Radio' to the skipping and hurdling 'Peeling From The Ceiling' by The Genes, there is a multitude melodies to make you grin goofily. "Be my friend I will listen I will listen to the end" promise The Dreamdayers with simple sincerity. I want to mention the infectious punching beats of 'Rodney Smart' by Never Loved Elvis, I want to commend the vocal abilities of Tim Reid, I want to praise every artist several times over. This is a quality compilation with gold galore. It's Pop, its tops, your neighbours will call the cops 'cause you'll be playing it lots. - Emily K Perkin, Beat Magazine Melbourne May 2003

Visit the Popboomerang website at http://www.popboomerang.com.

Planet Of The Popboomerang - A Global Pop Compilation

released January 2003

1. Lolas: Don't Change A Thing (USA)
2. Kelly's Heels: She (Still) Doesn't Know It's Wrong (England)
3. The Finkers: Santa Come In Stripes (Australia)
4. Sugarrush: Bootycall (Finland)
5. Shy Nobleman: Spring B# (Stevie Winwood) (Israel)
6. Champale: Motel California (acoustic version) (USA)
7. Vocoder: The Turnaround (New Zealand)
8. Pipitone: Anything I Want To Say (USA)
9. Sweet Apple Pie: She Whistles In The Tube (original version) (France)
10. Florapop: Come To Me (USA)
11. Bondage: Hollywood Is Babyfood (Spain)
12. The Samurai Seven: Flaming Hell Blake (alternative version) (UK)
13. Moving Jelly - Rock'n Roll Girl High School (Japan)
14. Go You Huskies: S.A.W (Australia/Norway)
15. The Oranges: All Day All Night (English Version) (Japan)
16. Michael Carpenter: Rolling Ball (Australia)
17. Ed James: You And Whose Army (USA)
18. The Richies: Fanclubesque (Australia)
19. Dom Mariani: Fireplace (Australia)
20. Ben's Diapers: Punk Girl (Finland)
21. Danny McDonald: A Bitter End To A Sweet Weekend Away (Australia)
22. The Sunbeams: Game (Japan)
23. Jeremy: This Is War! (USA)
24. Joe Algeri & Magnus Karlsson: Stories Remain Untold (Australia/Sweden)
25. salt water taffy: We're Not Gonna Take It (Japan)

Our first compilation album Shake Yer Popboomerang showcased the impressive talent on the Australian pop scene. It was so much fun to compile, that we decided to put together another set of songs. Only this time around, we have invited artists from all around the world to contribute. As, with Shake Yer Popboomerang, all the songs featured on this album are exclusive, unreleased or very hard to find. Most were specifically recorded for the project.

So! Pack your bags - the trip is about to begin!

Our first stop is Australia where powerpop supergroup The Finkers launch into their festive anthem Santa Comes in Stripes. Gippsland's favourite son Danny McDonald contributes the homespun urban tale, A Bitter End To A Sweet Weekend Away. New Sydney band The Richies appear here with cheeky nod to the great Teenage Fanclub, Fanclubesque. Prolific Sydney pop muso and producer Michael Carpenter delivers the rollicking Rolling Ball, which features backing vocals from Zac & Kate from the now defunct Melbourne pop band Sarah Sarah. Finally, from the vaults we unearth Fireplace, an unreleased jangle pop gem from pop god Dom Mariani (Stems, Someloves, DM3). Following in the tradition of Shake Yer Popboomerang, we have trans Atlantic pop productions. Australian singer songwriter CC Hua teams with Norways Kenneth Ishak (Beezwax) on the tender S.A.W. and Perth expat Joe Algeri (Jack & The Beanstalk) joins Swede Magnus Karlsson (Happydeadman) on the fable Stories Remain Untold.

Leaving Australia we head for the USA to unearth a host of emerging American pop acts. Bands such as Pipitone, Lolas, Ed James, Florapop, and Jeremy are ready & waiting to be discovered by the masses. Perhaps the best-known USA band here would be Brooklyn act Champale who's sprawling line-up has featured members of Luna, Clem Snide, Nada Surf and Sparklehorse. Champale contribute a haunting acoustic version of their song Motel California which features harmonies from Sid Hillman (nephew of Chris from The Byrds). The next stop on our adventure is the United Kingdom where we find Kelly's Heels who serve up the Beatlesque She (Still) Doesn't Know It's Wrong and The Samurai Seven who poke their tongue out at Australian soapie TV culture on Flamin Blake Hell. Next up we jet set to Japan where the cream of the Japanese pop crop The Oranges, Sunbeams, Salt Water Taffy and Movin Jelly contribute new and exclusive pop gems. Salt Water Taffy contribute their unique take on the 80s rock anthem Quiet Riot's Were Not Going To Take It.

Our orbit around the world is far from over! In France we unearth the cute and catchy Sweet Apple Pie and their sing-along She Whistles In The Tube. In Finland we have 80's inspired rockers Ben's Diapers and punk-pop of The Sugarrush. Down in Spain we discover the Redd Kross/Jellyfish inspired Bondage. Possibly the most exciting find comes all the way from Israel with Shy Nobleman who donates his quirky love song Spring B# (Stevie Winwood). Finally, on our way home we swing past New Zealand for a send off from the crunchy melodic sounds of Vocoder.

There is a stratosphere of rare rock and pop selections on offer from around the globe on Planet Of The Popboomerang. So, strap yourself in, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Shake Yer Boomerang 2

released January 2004

1. Her Majesty's Finest: Shake Yer Popboomerang
2. The Suits: Girl
3. The Tranquilizers Stop,Go
4. The Sound Platform: Summer Something
5. Dappled Cities Fly: Be Engine
6. Prettymess: Everything Has Gone
7. Tamas Wells: Wed Play You At Checkers
8. Even: 74 Crown
9. Sneeze: Going For The Drive
10. The Mome Raths: You Trip Me
11. Lazy Susan: I Will
12. Peabody:You Are Her Only Friend
13. Milli Davis: The Loser
14. Dollar Bar: Pet Indifference (live)
15. Jeff Samin: Stay Alive
16. The Zebras: Cunningham
17. The Hovercrafts: For The Love & The Sound
18. Shifter: No One
19. Go Betsy: Boy From Canada
20. Ruteger: Just For You (alternative version)
21. Hoolahan: Grasshopper Island
22. Mid-State Orange: Ex Boyfriend
23. Remake Remodel: Jellybean Remodel (Ransom Remix)

from the press release:
Here we are again! The second volume in our series of Australian guitar pop compilations. It's an exciting time right now for Aussie guitar pop/rock. Bands such as The Vines, Jet and The Sleepy Jackson have all recently made a huge impact on the National and overseas pop charts and media. With the exception of Her Majesty's Finest who contribute the title track this time around, Shake Yer Popboomerang 2 showcases a whole new batch of Aussie talent. There are also a number of musicians from Shake 1 who reappear with new outfits. (See if you can pick them). As has become the tradition of these compilations, the bulk of the material here is rare and exclusive. Again, we have a great mix of more established acts such as Sneeze, Even and Peabody and the nation's next wave (Dollar Bar, Tamas Wells, Shifter, Ruteger). The most exciting aspect of Shake 2 is that this album features some of the hottest emerging talent in Australia right now. As we go to pressing, Shake 2 represents the first commercially available recordings for The Suits, Hovercrafts, Tranquilizers, Prettymess, Mome Raths, Go Betsy and Milli Davis.

There are a really wide variety of pop/rock styles found on this album. Highlights include the bouncy sweet hooks of Remake Remodel, the punchy power pop of bands such as The Suits, Prettymess, Peabody and Even, the sprawling country twang of Mid-State Orange, the melodic keyboard driven pop of the The Tranquilizers, the four part harmonies of Shifter, the gentle addictive pop lullabies of Tamas Wells and the lush jangle pop of The Sound Platform. The latter band drafting in Sasha Bell from The Essex Green to provide lead vocals. We have seen the exciting progress made by several bands that featured on Shake Yer Popboomerang Volume 1. 2003 saw Treetops, Starky, Showbag, and Smallgoods sign record deals, receive strong national radio airplay and snare important International tour support slots. Given these successes, it will be intriguing to watch the development of the newer bands from Shake Yer Popboomerang Volume 2.

HACwatch: Includes unreleased Sneeze song 'Going For The Drive' (featuring Lara 'Stix' Larson on the drums). Out Now On Popboomerang Records: "Shake Yer Popboomerang Volume 2"

Come celebrate the launch of Shake Yer Popboomerang 2
Melbourne Sun June 13 Rob Roy Hotel Cnr. Gertrude & Brunswick St's, Fitzroy
The Suits, Sneeze, Paul Andrews (Lazy Susan), Remake Remodel, Tamas Wells, Her Majesty's Finest, The Sound Platform (7:30pm start)
Sydney Sat June 19 Hopetoun Hotel 416 Bourke St, Surry Hills
Sneeze, Lazy Susan, The Suits, Shifter, Tamas Wells (8pm start)
Brisbane Sat July 3 The Troubadour - Valley Mall, Brunswick St (across from Rics)
Shifter, The Zebras, Tamas Wells, Go Betsy (7:30pm start) Here is the early press reaction to Shake Yer Popboomerang 2:

"23 tracks by 23 artists affiliated with the Australian Pop Boomerang label. Just like Volume 1, this compilation is a joy to listen to from start to finish. Long may you run, good mates at Popboomerang!"- Eric Sorensen www.fufkin.com (USA)

"Another great Popboomerang album, perfect to enliven next scorching summer." - Gabriele Savioli (Where The Action Is - Italy)

"It's a non-stop rollercoaster of power pop riffs.... Any of them could be the next big thing" - MX Magazine Melbourne

"As we head into winter, pop this into your CD player to at least warm your heart" - Time Off Magazine Brisbane

BORN OUT OF TIME, The Australian Indie Sound 1979-88

released January 2002

1. Radio Birdman:
2. Lipstick Killers: Hindu Gods of Love
3. La Femme: Chelsea Kids
4. Visitors: Brother John
5. The Hitmen: I Don't Mind
6. Minuteman: Voodoo Slaves
7. New Race: Crying Sun
8. The Scientists: Swampland
9. Screaming Tribesmen: Igloo
10. Hoodoo Gurus: (Let's All) Turn On
11. Beasts Of Bourbon: Drop Out
12. Angie Pepper: Frozen World
13. Celibate Rifles: Wild Desire
14. Died Pretty: Out Of The Unknown
15. The New Christs: Born Out Of Time
16. Lime Spiders: Slave Girl
17. The Eastern Dark: Julie Is A Junkie
18. The Stems: Make You Mine
19. Hard-Ons: Girl in the Sweater
20. Psychotic Turnbuckles: Albuquerque (Wild Scenes)
21. Lizard Train: Explosion In A Room
22. The Exploding White Mice:

Similar to Shock's Do The Pop! but there's only a crossover of 7 tracks.

From the cover sticker: Documents the Australian Independent Guitar Sound - Unique. Seminal. Explosive. 22 classic tracks - Citadel, Waterfont, Greasy Pop, Hot, Au-go-go. Featuring Radio Birdman, Scientists, Hoodoo Gurus, Lime Spiders, New Christs. Over 75 minutes. Detailed liner notes.

Hacwatch: Includes The Eastern Dark's Julie Is A Junkie from Where Are All The Single Girls? (Hac75).


released January 1997

Speedboat: Satellite Girl
Speedboat: Speedboat
Speedboat: On The Run
BMX Bandits: Help Me, Somebody
BMX Bandits: Golden Teardrops
BMX Bandits: Let's Go Where The Action Is
Radio Sweethearts: Beer And Whisky
Radio Sweethearts: New Memories
Radio Sweethearts: Crazy Heart
Frank Blake: Don't Let Love Pass You By
Frank Blake: Plastic Bag
Frank Blake: Any Way The Wind Blows
Alex Chilton: We're Gonna Make It
Alex Chilton: I've Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do
Alex Chilton: Margie
Alex Chilton: Hide And Seek
Alex Chilton: There Will Never Be Another You
Astro Chimp: Draggin'
Astro Chimp: She's My Surfer Girl
Astro Chimp: The Last Refuge Of The Talentless

Tracks 3, 6, 9, 12, 13, 14, 17 & 20 PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED


released February 2002

Disc One:
1. Radio Birdman: Burned My Eye (orig version)
2. The Saints: This Perfect Day (orig version)
3. The Victims: I'm Flipped Out Over You
4. The Riptides: Sunset Strip
5. Psycho Surgeons: Horizontal Action
6. The Leftovers: Cigarettes & Alcohol
7. La Femme: Chelsea Kids
8. The Scientists: Frantic Romantic
9. Numbers: Government Boy
10. Tactics: Standing By the Window
11. Lipstick Killers: Hindu Gods Of Love
12. Fun Things: When the Birdman Fly
13. The Passengers: Face With No Name
14. The Visitors: Brother John (orig version)
15. The Birthday Party: Happy Birthday
16. Laughing Clowns: Sometimes (I Just Can't Live With Anyone)
17. Flaming Hands: I Belong to Nobody
18. Sunnyboys: Love To Rule (orig version)
19. Sekret Sekret: New King Jack
20. Pel Mel: No Word From China
21. Makers of the Dead Travel Fast: Taels of the Saeghors
22. Sardine: Sudan
23. Do Re Mi: Standing On Wires

Disc Two:
1. Scientists: We Had Love
2. The Moodists: The Disciples Know
3. Triffids: Beautiful Waste
4. X: Half Way Round the World (orig version)
5. Lighthouse Keepers: Ocean Liner
6. The Moffs: Another Day in the Sun
7. Died Pretty: Ambergris
8. The Eastern Dark: Julie is a Junkie
9. The New Christs: No Next Time
10. Ups & Downs: The Living Kind
11. Ed Kuepper: Also Sprach the King of Euro-Disco
12. Bamboos: With Which to Love You
13. Wet Taxis: Sailors Dream
14. Thug: Dad
15. Venom P. Stinger: Walking About
16. God: My Pal
17. The Mark Of Cain: Lords Of Summer
18. Someloves: Know You Now
19. The Celibate Rifles: Johnny
20. Cosmic Psychos: Lost Cause
21. Plunderers: I Didn't See Them At All
22. Hard-Ons: Just Being With You

CURRENTLY DELETED - will be back in next few months.

Tales from the Australian Underground - Singles 1976-1989 is a collection of some of the great 45's released during Australia's most prolific independent era of 1976 to 1989. Tales highlights selections from the previous careers of acts like Hoodoo Gurus (The Victims & Fun Things), Gangajang (The Riptides), The Cruel Sea (Sekret Sekret), Dave Graney (The Moodists), Big Heavy Stuff (Ups & Downs), You Am I (The Bamboos), Tex Perkins, (Thug), Dirty Three (Venom P. Stinger) as well as classic early releases from Radio Birdman, The Saints, The Scientists, Triffids, Died Pretty, The Mark Of Cain and the Hard-Ons.

In addition, Tales from the Australian Underground includes a selection of seminal tracks, previously unreleased on CD. Featured among others are Pel Mel, Sunnyboys, Sardine, Psycho Surgeons, The Leftovers, Do Re Mi, The Numbers, Tactics, X and Wet Taxis. Besides offering up an indie "best of", Tales from the Australian Underground gives the listener an insight into the sounds and musical styles that were developed over the highlighted period. From raw rock 'n' roll and punk roots, to the eclecticism of the eighties. All documented in an extensive 36 page booklet and 2CD collection. Essential for anyone serious about their music.


From the same people who've brought Australians umpteen worthy tours comes this compilation of singles from the heyday of Oz indie music (when the term "indie" meant something). And it's killer, in all respects.

Tales is the third compilation of its type in less than 12 months, following the successful Do The Pop (Shock) and Born Out of Time (Raven) collections. That makes for a total of five discs (about 400 minutes of music, disregarding duplicated songs) which is more than enough to fuel your next listening party. But where those marvellous sets mined the "indie hits" (note paradoxical term), this takes a sharp left-turn. Sure, there's representation by biggies like Birdman, the Saints, the Scientists and the Birthday Party, but Tales shines a light into corners the others didn't go, exposing bands like Sekret Sekret, Sardine v, Tactics, Lighthouse Keepers, Pel Mel, Makers of the Dead Travel Fast, Venom P. Stinger, the Riptides and The Mark of Cain.

The guiding principle was that these songs were all SINGLES (remember them?) As anyone with a brain knows, the 7" is the defining thing in music, the "one shot" chance of making a mark. Mark Taylor's sleeve quote that "all the best songs are on singles" is right on the money. Five years in the making, there are 45 tracks here and precious little crossover with the compilations that came before.

Compiler Tim Pittman initially made his mark as booker for the Sydney Trade Union Club, as well as manager of The Eastern Dark and the Hard Ons. Both acts are represented, but there's an idiosyncratic song selection at work that means we hear the Laughing Clowns' "Sometimes (I Just Can't Live With Anyone)" rather than "Eternally Yours", or the Scientists' "We Had Love" instead of "Swampland". The single cut of "This Perfect Day" from Bailey and Co IS the best (play the Harvest label 7" back-to-back with a vinyl cut of "Eternally Yours" and you'll agree. Likewise, X's impossible-to-find "Halfway Round the World" (the flip of "Mother", with Cafeiro on drums) shades the later album version. Both single takes are here.

So what's the rest of the spread? The Triffids are a band I remember from the Trade's first-floor but never got into. "Beautiful Waste" is a reminder that they could soar, without pretension. God's "My Pal" is still the best thing they ever did and Tactics' Television-like piece of sppedy agitation, "Standing By the Window", was never replicated by later line-ups. On the feminine side, The Passengers' "Face With No Name" is still a gem. "I Belong to Nobody" by the Flaming Hands is a reminder that, until they lost their organic feel, they were one of the best bands on Phantom, a label with equal claim to greatness in its early days. Tales is not only a collection for collectors, with most cuts never issued in digital format, but for newcomers, too. The solid sprinkling of higher-profile names sits well with the quirkier ones. For want of a generic term, there's a strong sense of "post-punk" here, rarely descending into noise for noise's sake. It mostly sounds great, considering masters were only obtainable for 13 cuts, with lots of work going in the transfer and mastering stages. A few songs were around on the "Murder Punk" bootlegs of a few years ago, but not sounding as sharp as this.

The incisive and detailed liner notes span 32 pages of the accompanying booklet. Eagle eyes will notice the following line within: "If it's possible to get this one to stick then the gaps will be filed with further volumes". We're holding you to it. Tim - The Barman

Where Joy Kills Sorrow

released January 1997

1. Mick Harvey: Just A Little Bit Of Rain
2. Joel Silbersher: When You're Tired Of Breaking Other Hearts
3. Renee Geyer with Uncle Bill: I Scare Myself
4. Greg Perkins: Yellow Roses
5. Uncle Bill: The World's Got Everything In It
6. Warren and John Ellis: Mis'ry Is My Middle Name
7. Robert Forster: The Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
8. Paul Kelly with Uncle Bill: Thanks A Lot
9. Bruce Haymes: Duchess
10. Rob Snarski with Matt Walker: If You Don't Want My Love
11. Vika and Linda Bull: I'd Rather Be Sorry
12. Chris Abrahams and Melanie Oxley: The Way You See Me
13. David McComb: Still Alive And Well
14. Matt Walker and Ashley Davies: When I Dream
15. Dave Graney and Clare Moore: This Is Forever

The haccers fave Australian release of the '90s.

A selection of (mainly) Melbourne artists doing covers of obscure or little-known songs written by Scott Walker, Hank Williams, Fred Neil, John Prine, Kris Kristofferson and Tex Perkins. Put together by Graham Lee and Steve Miller from the W. Minc label. Country and folk-flavoured and largely acoustic...a classic.

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