Christmas 2005

released December 2005

1. Yuletide Parade
2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

In that fine end-of-year tradition, The Triangles release a Christmas single! On a cute three inch cd too.

The price includes postage in Australia; $4.00 for outside Australia (we'll adjust your order in the shopping page)

Seventy-Five Year Plan

released April 2007

1. The Other Side of the Pillow
2. Horse in the Ointment
3. Meat Blanket
4. Be Careful What You Wish For
5. Our Crops Are Doomed to Fail
6. You Get Me All Worked Up
7. Haven't Seen You Lately
8. Citizens' Band
9. I've Had Eyes For You
10. Ancient City
11. The Headlights Song
12. Molly
13. Will It Float?

a word from the Triangles:
Recorded between November 2005 and January 2007 at the Immortal Combat Sound Facility in Melbourne, 75YP features thirteen new songs, each of which is filled with words and musical notes that have been†carefully arranged into detailed sequences and patterns†for your listening pleasure. The recipe?Three or four handfuls of†psychedelic pop,†two quarts of†country and western, a dash of folk rock (beaten lightly) and then season to taste with lyric booklet and coriander. Want to hear for yourself? Sample tracks from†the new album†can be downloaded from the Triangles' website†which, incidentally, has had a bit of cosmetic surgery lately and is looking at least ten years younger.

Magic Johnson

released June 2010

1. Applejack
2. The Burnley Theatre
3. Let's Replace The Cityscapes
4. The Girl You've Been Avoiding
5. Punctured Lungs
6. I Am Your Valley
7. Like A Storm
8. I Can't Keep Away
9. Daggers And Flames
10. Your Heart
11. Late At Night (A Hiker's Song)
12. The 1850s

Originally released on July 2005. Re-releassed June 2010.

Melbourne's the Triangles take over Spain with their song Applejack in Estrella Damm's 2010 summer ad campaign. That's the band playing in it. In the last week of May 2010 it was the #1 song on iTunes in Spain and that was even before the ad hit the tv screens, all due to Youtube, the internet and good ol' word-of-mouth.

The Triangles, from Melbourne, are self-described as 'three girls and two guys who like to play fun and frantic high energy folk-pop' and came to the attention of Half A Cow Records with their demo of the wonderful 'Let's Replace The Cityscapes'. It didn't take much for the label to be persuaded to get behind The Triangles' new album Magic Johnson.

Featuring twelve joyful singalong songs, Magic Johnson is a hand-clapping, foot-stomping, head-nodding rollercoaster ride of an album. A radio single of 'Let's Replace The Cityscapes' has been sent to radio and already has received airplay on Triple J and Melbourne community radio. Firm friends since High School, The Triangles put on a very original and energetic live show and will be gaining a lot of attention from their shows they will be playing to support the new album.

Possibly Sounds Like?
Architecture in Helsinki, The Danielson Familie, They Might Be Giants, Polyphonic Spree, The Shop Assistants

Listen to the opening of 'Applejack', the first song on Melbourne five-piece pop troupeís second album Magic Johnson, and youíd swear youíre listening to a cross between the Sesame Street title theme, and the Polyphonic Spree. It shouldnít work, but somehow it does Ė the sound of the Triangles is so delightfully cheery and apoplectically delightful that itís hard to resist Magic Johnson. Where fellow Melbourne-ites Architecture in Helsinki are awfully clever about the way they pull everything together, the Triangles have more of a wide-eyed innocence to their sound. Such as it is, you get moments like the simply delightful 'Letís Replace the Cityscapes', where the pop melody bounces along merrily. The Triangles self-recorded Magic Johnson, and the sound is occasionally thin and lightweight, but itís nothing that isnít made up for by the sheer quality of the songs. Itís hard to believe that a band like the Triangles can fly under the radar as effectively as they have. While Magic Johnson is their second album, not too many would know much of the band, but you get the sense that this is all going to change. Thereís no denying Magic Johnson Ė it glides so smoothly across the hardwood. - the Electric Newspaper

A Tray Of Cards

released June 2017

1. Letís Replace the Cityscapes
2. Iíve Had Eyes For You
3. Applejack
4. The Burnley Theatre
5. Meat Blanket
6. Virus Pie
7. Ancient City
8. North Wind
9. Bring it on Back
10. The Other Side of the Pillow
11. Your Heart
12. Extra Hearts
13. I Am Your Valley
14. You Get Me All Worked Up
15. Molly
16. Will It Float?

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