Benzedrine Beat R&B Raveup with bonus Coloured Balls 1964-70

released April 2006

1. Talkin' Bout You (Chuck Berry)
2. Louie Louie (Richard Berry)
3. Long Legged Baby (Bond)
4. Gloria (Morrison)
5. Here 'tis (MacDaniel)
6. Long Legged Baby (Bond)
7. Of Hopes and Dreams and Tombstones (J. Byers)
8. I'm Gonna Try (J. Williams)
9. Early in the Morning (Trad. arr The Purple Hearts)
10. Just a Little Bit (Gordon)
11. You Can't Sit Down (Upchurch/Clark/Muldrow/Sheldon)
12. Tiger in Your Tank (Dixon)
13. Chicago (Butterfield)
14.Bring it on Home (Williamson)

Tracks 1-14. Mick Hadley vocals/harp, Fred Pickard guitar, Lobby Loyde
guitar, Rob Dames bass. Tracks 1-6 with Adrian Redmond drums.Tracks 7-14
with Tony Cahill drums.

15. A Song for Jeffrey (Anderson)
16. Killing Floor (Howlin Wolf)
17. Living in the USA (Miller)
18. Bring it on Home (Willie Dixon)
19. Long Grey Mare (P.A. Green)
20. Living in the Past (Jethro Tull)
21. Living in the USA (Miller) live

Tracks 15-21. Michael Shannon lead vocals, Mick Hadley harp/vocals/guitar,
Peter Miles drums, Bob Dames bass, Robbie Van Delft guitar and flute.

From the producers of the awesome Missing Links cd reissue comes...the complete Purple Hearts on cd. Including all Sunshine label tracks from master tape and 4 early recordings reissued for the first time. As a bonus the cd also contains 7 unreleased tracks from 1969-70 by the original Coloured Balls, featuring Mick Hadley and Bob Dames from the Hearts. High energy R&B all the way! Amazing 36 page booklet with the full Hearts & Balls stories plus loads of photos sourced from original Go-Set magazine photographer Colin Beard.

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