el Mopa discography

The Metal Years

released October 2009

1. The Dead Certainty
2. Time Slides (When Yr' Sleeping in)
3. What We're Burning
4. I See A Strobe
5. 721
6. Missing The Rush
7. Riding Le Rein
8. Moving South
9. Dirty Old Town
10. Let It Run All Night
11. The Metal Years


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The third album from el Mopa has been described as Sydney soul, a description the band endorses. But it’s more than that – with touches of Akron / Animal Collective psych folk, mariachi intensity and roots tinged rock. El Mopa arises more powerful than ever, with three voices leading the chorus: founder Simon Wooldridge, guitarist Matthew J Toohey (Kid Cornered) and bassist producer Emma Hoy. A long time in the making, this is the distilled realisation of el Mopa’s musical values – for all who share them.


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