The Half A Cow Catalogue

Seven Inch Singles
moo01 Love Positions: Light of Day
moo02 The Rose Marys: Freedom Riders
* moo03 V/A: Slice EP Swirl/Smudge/Jupiter/Studley Lush
* moo04 Smudge: Don't Want To Be Grant McClennan
moo05 Studley Lush: Going Down On A Nun
* moo06 V/A: Smudge/Godstar/Swirl PROMO SINGLE
moo07 Hippy Dribble: Cheerleader
* moo08 Sneeze: Sneeze 20 songs 2x7"
* moo09 V/A: Swapping Spit You Am I/Smudge/Headache/Daisygrinders
* moo10 Kim Salmon & The Surrealists: Put Your Trust In Me
* moo11 The Missing Links: Wild About You/Come My Way
moo12 Booster Valves: Together All The Time/Hot Plate
moo13 Deezleteens: On The Road/Star Sign
Other Vinyl
* cow01 Craven Fops: Pleasure 10" EP
hac01v Love Positions: Billiepeebup 12" LP
* hac02 Craven Fops: Spin The Bottle 12" mini-LP
* hac03 Swirl: People I Know 12" EP
hac04 Pressed Meat & The Smallgoods: Present... 12" LP
hac05 Glovebox Think Or Swim 12" EP
* hac08 Daisygrinders: Throwlily 10"
* hac10 Smudge: Love, Lust & Lemonjuice 10"
* hac42v Godstar: Coastal 2x12" LP
hac69 Sneeze: The Four Seezons 12" LP
* hac96v Sneeze: Lost The Spirit To Rock And Roll 2x12" LP
bub03 Nic Dalton and the Gloomchasers Orchestra Home Of The Big Regret 12" LP
Compact Discs
hac01 Love Positions: Billiepeebup w/ 10 extra tracks
* hac06 Swirl: Aurora
* hac07 Swirl: Tears
* hac08 Smudge: Love, Lust & Lemonjuice
hac09 V/A: Slice Two 14 bands incl. Slice 7"
hac10 Daisygrinders: Throwlily
* hac11 Godstar: The Brightest Star
* hac12 Crow: Crow
hac13 Sidewinder: T Star
* hac14 Godstar: Chemcraze
hac15 Swirl: Touch
* hac16 Smudge: Superhero
hac17 Crow: Railhead
hac18 Hippy Dribble: Cheerleader
* hac19 Crow: My Kind Of Pain
* hac20 Daisygrinders: Roamin' Bruce
* hac21 Godstar Lie Down Forever
* hac22 Godstar: Sleeper
hac23 Fuzzy: Fuzzy
* hac24 Sidewinder: Yoko Icepick
* hac25 Smudge: Impractical Joke
hac26 Smudge: Manilow
* hac27 Smudge: Hot Smoke And Sassafras
hac28 V/A: "Compilation"
* hac29 Crow: The Helicon Days
* hac30 Swirl: The Last Unicorn
* hac31 Spdfgh: Grassroots
* hac32 Sidewinder: The Gentle Art Of Spoonbending
* hac33 Daisygrinders: Previval Ltd. Ed. Cardriver
* hac33b Daisygrinders: Cardriver
hac34 Hippy Dribble/Captain Denim: Silver Apples/Fade
hac35 Carton: Pin Cushions And Cactus Butts
* hac36 Smudge: Big City Poontang
* hac37 Daisygrinders: Joe Velocity
* hac38 Bettie Serveert: Palomine
* hac39 Swirl: The Last Unicorn EP
* hac40 Godstar: Pushpin/Seeing Stars
* hac41 The Daisygrinders: Yo Yo
hac42 Godstar: Coastal bonused with Before And After Coastal (hac105)
* hac43 Godstar: Love & Death Side Four of Coastal
* hac44 Spdfgh: Wikky's Ode
* hac45 Pip Proud: Eagle-wise
* hac46 Spdfgh: Leave Me Like This
* hac47 Sidewinder: Anything You Want
hac48 Godstar: Table For One
* hac49 Sidewinder: Evil Eye
* hac50 Sneeze: Sneeze aka 41 Songs In 47 Minutes, The Purple Album
hac51 Spdfgh: Give Me Time
* hac52 Fragile: Airbrushed Perfection
* hac53 Sidewinder: Atlantis
* hac54 Smudge: Mike Love Not War
* hac55 Sidewinder: Not Coming Home
* hac56 Smudge: Slight Return
hac57 Swirl: On My Own
* hac58 Smudge: You, Me, Carpark...Now
hac59 Spdfgh: The Pseudo Blues
hac60 The Godstar Reminder: September
* hac61 Sidewinder: Titanic Days
hac62 Smudge: Mo Poontang
hac63 Kim Salmon & The Surrealists: Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing
* hac64 Glovebox: Umbrella
* hac65 Sidewinder: Here She Comes Again
* hac66 Sidewinder: Tangerine
* hac67 The Orange Humble Band: Assorted Creams
hac68 Kim Salmon & The Surrealists: You're Such A Freak
* hac70 Sidewinder: God
hac71 Tendrils: Soaking Red
hac72 Nic Dalton: Romolo 86-88
hac73 Smudge: Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra
hac74 Art Of Fighting: The Very Strange Year
* hac75 The Eastern Dark: Where Are All The Single Girls?
* hac76 The Missing Links: Driving You Insane
hac77 2 Litre Dolby: El Caballo Rojo
hac78 Bernie Hayes: Matchbox Cars And Marbles
* hac79 The Orange Humble Band: Down In Your Dreams
hac80 V/A: Heard It Through The Bovine Vol.2
* hac81 Sneeze: Doctor Of Love/Loud & True
hac82 Smudge: Eighteen In A Week
hac83 Bernie Hayes: Mission In Life
hac84 Bernie Hayes: Every Tuesday, Sometimes Sunday
hac85 Kim Salmon & The Business: Saving Me From Me
hac86 Kim Salmon & The Business: Record
hac87 Art Of Fighting: Empty Nights
hac88 Kim Salmon & The Business: Disconnected
* hac89 The Orange Humble Band: Any Way You Want It
* hac90 Bernie Hayes: Your Boyfriend's Back In Town
* hac91 The Orange Humble Band: Humblin' (Across America)
hac92 Papas Fritas: Buildings And Grounds
hac93 Plunderers: Banana Smoothie Honey 2CD
hac94 V/A: La Femme, No Homme? She Loves You Vol.1
hac95 Kim Salmon I'll Be Around Escobar Remix EP
hac96 Sneeze: Lost The Spirit To Rock And Roll
hac97 Sneeze: The Maybe Moving In EP
hac98 Bernie Hayes: Your Green Light
hac99 Whopping Big Naughty: Bender
hac100 Various Artists: She Loves You Too
hac101 Dog Trumpet: Dog Trumpet
hac102 Vermishus: Suburban Parallax
hac103 The Savages: Long Live You
hac104 Grandview: Room 15
hac105 Godstar: Before And After Coastal bonused with 2003 re-release of Coastal
hac106 Bernie Hayes Quartet: Domestic Departures
hac107 The Trouble Dolls: Sticky
hac108 The Smallgoods: Listen To The Radio
hac109 Sneeze: Just The Blues Sped Up
hac110 The Smallgoods: This Is The Show
hac111 The Someloves: Don't Talk About Us - the real pop recordings 1985-1989 2CD
hac112 The Purple Hearts/The Coloured Balls: Benzedrine Beat!
hac113 The Wild Cherries: That's Life
hac114 Nic Dalton and the Gloomchasers Orchestra: Home Of The Big Regret
hac115 Warmer: The Cat's Miaow
hac116 Smudge: Manilow reissue - disc two acoustic demos/live show
hac117 The Triangles: Magic Johnson
hac118 Khancoban: khancoban
hac119 Swayback: The Quest For Rock & Roll
hac120 Warmer: Time's Come EP
hac121 Bruce: The Name Of The Band Is...
hac124 Luke Russell: The Kiss That Lasted All Weekend
hac125 The Triangles: Seventy-Five Year Plan
hac126 Dog Trumpet: Antisocial Tendencies
hac127 Bernie Hayes: Homebody
hac128 The Raylenes: Let The Wild Rumpus Start
hac129 Kid Cornered: Kid Cornered
hac130 Python Lee Jackson: Sweet Consolation 1966~73
hac131 Agnes Kain: Keep Walking Or I'll Kill You
hac132 Swayback: One Way Traffic
hac133 Nic Dalton: Last Seen Near Trafalgar 87-89
hac134 Khancoban: Limbs May Fall
hac135 We Grow Up: Night Kitchen
hac136 Agnes Kain: across the ocean grey
* Deleted
+ Coming Soon!

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