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Here's the complete list of all the Half A Cow releases

We have a section on the site called Almost Famous - cd of the week! which is our attempt at finally listening to ALL the demos or self-released cds that get sent to HAC. The ones that stand out get a little write up on the page (so other labels can sign 'em up and make 'em rich and fat!). Thanks to the team here at HAC for attacking the huge pile of cds! (sadly, looks like cassettes have been sent to the nursing home).

Darren Hanlon has his own shop now for all his cds. It's always good to go direct to the source! Darren says "All my past albums are available from here, just as the future ones will be too. Not forgetting miscellaneous merchandise such as posters, t-shirts (coming soon) and other souvenirs such as our very own commemorative spoon. It's also be a place you can buy tickets for certain shows here in Australia when they happen." Visit Flippin Yeah Industries for everything Dazza!

Bambino Koresh

Agnes Kain

It's A Shame About Ray reissue

Problem Child

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