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We love the Pigram Brothers here at Half A Cow and now have all their three albums back in stock PLUS the 2013 solo album from Stephen Pigram called Wanderer available here

New Bernie Hayes album coming soon! It's called Slow Fix and will be available on cd, vinyl (via China Pig Records) and download. Should be out in May! Stay tuned...

Pip's two albums from the late 60s have recently been reissued by Superior Viaduct out of San Francisco and we have some copies for sale here.

Adreneline & Richard 12" LP iTunes Bandcamp

A Bird In the Engine 12" LP iTunes Bandcamp

Got a bit lost before Christmas so we are letting everyone know at the dawn of 2015 that Half A Cow has released its first digital~only single. Drum roll please...


Magic Tundra's new double a~sided single Believe Me / Extraño is the first formal recording of a nomadic South American couple who have recently settled in Melbourne. It was produced by new industry talent Juan Celofán in Chile, recorded in Australia and finally mastered by Andrés Mayo in Argentina. Believe Me / Extraño (hac153d) is the first digital-only release on Half A Cow Records and out now.

Producido por el nuevo talento Juan Celofán desde Chile, grabado en Australia y finalmente masterizado por Andrés Mayo desde Argentina, este single doble se trata de la primer grabación formal de un nómade duo sudamericano recientemente instalado en Melbourne, Australia, para darle camino a su nuevo proyecto, Magic Tundra. Believe Me / Extraño es editado únicamente en formato digital por el conocido sello independiente Half A Cow Records.

Believe Me/Extraño double A side single (hac153d) ~ OUT NOW and available from iTunes and Bandcamp
Listen on Soundcloud

During some downtime recently, I realised I wasn't embracing the modern world. You know ~ ipads, ipods, itunes, free u2 albums, food selfies. So Half A Cow has been busy lately making a whole lot of ye olde records/cds/goodtimes available online mainly via iTunes, Bandcamp and a few others I have no idea what they are.

Lookee here: Half A Cow Bandcamp and Via Satellite Bandcamp

What better way to start off that with the first FIVE (yes!neon lights!FIVE!) CROW releases starting with the Sunburnt Throats 12 inch (originally released on Phantom Records in 1990) through to the Helicon Days EP. Great to have you back, Crow!

CROW My Kind Of Pain Their debut album recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini. iTunes and Bandcamp Scroll down this page for all the other Crow music!

TREETOPS What's The Matter, Baby? The first release from Melbourne's Treetops. Originally released in 2002 by Cavalier Records. iTunes and Bandcamp

PLUNDERERS Trust Us Five track mini album from 1988 (featuring Louis Tillet on piano on End Of Your World) plus extra No Fun Stooges cover iTunes and Bandcamp

GODSTAR the Chemcraze EP Bad Bad Implications (from Sleeper) plus a crazy mixed bag iTunes and Bandcamp

Ex~Sydney musician Lara Meyerratken (and drummer on Sneeze's Lost the Spirit!) has released her second album The Other Person Is You on her own label. It is a stunning record so make sure you check it out. You can get it here iTunes. Vinyl coming soon!

Archived news...


CROW Sunburnt Throats and Happy Thunderclouds
The original 12inch mini album. The first release from Crow in 1990 on the Phantom label Bandcamp iTunes
CROW Confection/Ravine EP
The first Crow single that Phantom released with three extra tracks from Crow's classic first demo recordings Bandcamp iTunes
CROW Railhead
Two songs from My Kind Of Pain and three songs from the original Crow demos. Originally released by Half A Cow Records 1993 (hac17) Bandcamp iTunes
CROW Helicon Days EP
Following on from MKOP with new drummer Andy Marks. Originally released by Half A Cow in 1994 (hac29) Bandcamp iTunes

"Recent" Releases

the Missing Links The Missing Links LP/EP
This slice of vigorous vinyl became one of the most prized acquisitions for garage punk fans the world over, with each successive wave of Down Under musical malcontents spreading its legend. The globe trotting team at Sundazed has now restored the album in all its magnificent MONO glory!
Read More . Buy Now . iTunes
SMUDGE This Smudge Is True
The 27 track compilation spanning from 1991's 'Tea, Toast and Turmoil' to 'Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra' and includes 'Don't Want To Be Grant McLennan' on compact disc for the first time in Australia. Includes a 36 page booklet full of more than you'll ever need to know about one of Sydney's most cherished bands. Read More . Buy Now . iTunes
Nic Dalton and his Gloomchasers Play All Night
Available on vinyl, compact disc and iTunes). Features both the 'Melbourne' line-up and the 'Sydney' line-up with special guests such as Bernie McGann (saxophone), Darren Hanlon, Bryan Estepa and Tim Kevin.
Read More . Buy Now . iTunes
DOG TRUMPET River of Flowers
River Of Flowers is Dog Trumpet's new album, the result of three years writing and recording by the brothers Reg Mombassa and Peter O'Doherty.
Read More . Buy Now .

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Union Hotel, Newtown
Class of 94 play two majestic sets on Saturday 6th December. Coming soon: digital releases of all their Phantom/HAC stuff youtube vids


Gasoline Pony
Thursday 4th December with You And Your So-called Friends

Magic Tundra

new digital only double A side single out now
Believe Me/Extraño Bandcamp

Real McCoy Wrong Sinatra

We have some copies of the Fire version of the most recent (!) Smudge album Get it here

What an album!
Every Tuesday, Sometimes Sunday

In October 1999, Bernie Hayes released his debut album and it has gone on to be seen as one of the greatest albums ever...by anyone...anywhere! To celebrate, if you buy the cd direct from us, you get both singles from it - 'Matchbox Cars and Marbles' and 'Mission In Life'.

Christmas, No-mas, Anytime!

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    + the Purple Hearts
    + the Someloves
    + the Wild Cherries
    + the Missing Links
    + the Eastern Dark


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PAINTER MAN Click here to see it bigger
February 2014: Nic Dalton has artwork available for sale at Sweets Workshop

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