KEY OUT Nameless town hac211.2
Sydney three-piece with a single from their debut album What (do) you see due out on vinyl in early 2019.
Bandcamp * iTunes

NIC DALTON Blast Cools 90-92 hac212
The third instalment of four-track recordings from Nic Dalton. These thirteen songs from early 1990 to March 1992 are all previously unreleased. Alison Galloway plays drums on three of them!
buy the cd * Bandcamp * iTunes

REAL LIFE PERMANENT DREAM Don't Self-Destruct Again hac214
Real Life Permanent Dream are an ambient-psychedelic band based in Berlin, Germany. Here's their first single: seven minutes of ambient textures and relaxed, psychedelic rock grooves.
Bandcamp * iTunes

THE EASTERN DARK Long Live The New Flesh!
Stand-alone digital release of the Eastern Dark's classic mini-album from 1986. Contains "Walking" and "Over Now".
Bandcamp * iTunes

KIM SALMON AND THE BUSINESS The Record Singles hac211
All ten tracks from the three singles taken from Kim Salmon and the Business: Record (hac86)
Bandcamp * iTunes

GODSTAR Stardust Memories hac210
A compilation of Godstar songs from 1992-1995. Taken from the Sleeper, Coastal, Way Out Jim and September albums, plus assorted single releases.
Bandcamp * iTunes

THE MISSING LINKS You're Drivin' Me Insane
From their one and only self-titled album was this single by The Missing Links, released in August 1965. The b-side "Somethin' Else", an Eddy Cochran cover, did not appear on the album.
Bandcamp * iTunes

THE EASTERN DARK Johnny And Dee Dee / Julie Is A Junkie
The one and only single from The Eastern Dark. Originally released in 1985 on Waterfront Records. Both tracks appear on the Where Are The Single Girls? compilation released by Half A Cow Records in 2000.
Bandcamp * iTunes

THE LIKES OF YOU Superstar Housewife hac207
New single from Paul Scott's The Likes Of You. "Superstar Housewife might be my subconscious response, half a century later, to The 'Stones 'Mothers Little Helper' - a nervous meltdown amongst the appliances."
Bandcamp * iTunes

THE RAMALAMAS Liquorice hac202
Stepping out of the laboratory having taken a handful of Elvis' mum's diet pills, the Ramas have dived deep into the sound of trash, surf, garage, b-movie, rockabilly madness, taking a distinct step left from their early country leanings.
Bandcamp * iTunes

NIC DALTON Looking For Lawrence / Better 'n You hac208
Have you seen Lawrence? Backed with a version of a Blake Babies song (aka "Rain") from 1999 with features the late Peter Anson (The Missing Links/The Id) on lead guitar.
Bandcamp * iTunes

NIC DALTON Feels So Fine / Under The Ground hac209
Back in Sydney for a few weeks from Lemonheads touring, are these two songs from January 1993.
Bandcamp * iTunes

BIG TIME PRODUCER Thai Cave Boy Movie Rights via573
What could happen if the wrong type of big time Hollywood producer got their sleazy mitts all over the brave soccer boys story.
Bandcamp * iTunes

NIC DALTON Babe Rainbow: The Godstar four tracks hac206
A collection of four track recordings originally released under the Godstar moniker.
Bandcamp * iTunes

NIC DALTON The Teapot Refuses / With Tomorrow hac205
A song where the teapot refuses to pour until the couple start communicating. Backed with a 1999 recording of a Gene Clark song.
Bandcamp * iTunes
NEO-MAGICS Come Back Again via569
A 1969 take on the 1971 Daddy Cool hit.
Bandcamp * iTunes

SNEEZE Shhh! Sex Gang... hac200
A collection of Sneeze tracks from singles, compilations, unreleased songs and side four of the Lost The Spirit To Rock & Roll double album.
Bandcamp * iTunes

2 LITRE DOLBY El Caballo Rojo hac77
"Desert Rock. Post-Rock. Anti-pop. Anthemic post-prog-rock. Ambient-tech-jazz muzak. It's still rock n roll to me..." Classic from 1999 now available digitally
Bandcamp * iTunes

FUZZY Fuzzy EP hac23
Boston band from 1993Fuzzy is Chris Toppin: guitar and vocals, Hilken Mancini: guitar and vocals, Winston Braman: bass, David Ryan: drums.
Bandcamp * iTunes
THE SAVAGES Long Live You hac103
Swedish "Detroit" rock and roll from 2002 finally gets a digital release!
Bandcamp * iTunes

NIC DALTON Scout On A Bike / When I Write The Book hac204
A new song about a girl buying a cd and a boy doing a painting, backed with a 1999 recording of Nick Lowe/Rockpile's "When I Write The Book"
Bandcamp * iTunes

NIC DALTON The Scary Lane / I'm Like A Bird hac203
Whilst waiting to finish the next Gloomchasers album, Nic is releasing a bunch of digital singles. This Features Nelly Furtado's "I'm Like Bird"
Bandcamp * iTunes

PLUNDERERS Sarah's Not Falling In Love EP
Digital release of the Plunderers 10 inch release from 1990. More new Plunderers digital releases here
Bandcamp * iTunes
NEO-MAGICS Feel It Still via568
These guys are stuck in the 60s with their take on Portugal. The Man's worldwide smash hit.
Bandcamp * iTunes

THE HOTPOINTS Perth Mint hac196
Split release between HAC and Igloo! Collaboration between Perth's Adem K and Nic Dalton. Includes the "Crosswires" single. Five tracks of Eno-inspired pop, Turkish psych and primitive electronica.
buy the cd * Bandcamp * iTunes

BASTED The Sonic Expedition via560
New album 2018. Mikl G: dilemmas, instruments, emotion, lyrics, vocals, production. MCD: hypothesis, insights, guitars, predictions.
iTunes * Bandcamp

mikl g Daydream All Night Long via561
Solo album from Basted's mikl g. Music, lyrics, instruments and vocals by mikl g.
iTunes * Bandcamp
THE WEDNESDAY NIGHT Music Club Volume Two hac173
The melancholy, psychedelic pop sounds of The Wednesday Night, created by the Sydney-based song writing pairing of Laura Murdoch and Rob Young. The 1960s meets the 1990s.
buy the LP * Bandcamp * iTunes * Spotify

Sydney's very own The Lovetones (featuring Matt Tow, Chris Cobb and Matt Sigley) will have their catalogue re-issued by Cleopatra in the US. Cd copies available from Half A Cow mailorder and Egg Records in Newtown.
Before the Lovetones, there was Drop City and two of their albums are now available on iTunes, Bandcamp and other online stores. Go here to see them.

RURAL FRANCE Two Drink Maximum hac199d
From West Wiltshire in England is this debut album by Tom Brown and Rob Fawkes with a batch of kitchen sink dramas that hark back to their CD-littered bedrooms of the nineties.
Bandcamp * iTunes * Spotify

THE GALLANT TREES Open Book Syndrome hac186
The Gallant Trees are a Melbourne indie rock band that was originally the solo musical project of Taswegian native Joel Stibbard. This is their second album.
buy the cd * Bandcamp * iTunes * Spotify

PLUNDERERS How Could You Fall For Johnny Depp? hac201d
Unreleased mix of the song about Winona Ryder plus the version that appeared on the original Citadel release of Banana Smoothie, Honey
Bandcamp * iTunes

AUSTIN Suit Monkey via552
Nine year old Austin and his dad with a pop punk song about the trials and tribulations of nine-to-five commuting.
Bandcamp * iTunes

PLUNDERERS On My Radio via550
Recorded 13th November, 1990 for 2JJJ's "Live At The Wireless" show.
Bandcamp * iTunes * Spotify

PLUNDERERS Hot August Knights via549
Remastered live cassette from 1985. "Plundering 18 of your all time favourites!" Thirteen songs recorded at the ANU uni bar plus five songs from Cafe Jax.
Bandcamp * iTunes * Spotify

BERNIE HAYES Sweet Sixteen hac197d A compilation of songs from all of Bernie's albums. From Every Tuesday, Sometimes Sunday in 1999 right through to Slow Fix in 2015. Bandcamp * iTunes * * Spotify

THE WEDNESDAY NIGHT Down In The Water hac194d
From the Music Club Volume Two album. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes * Spotify

BLOOMING HECK Blooming Heck hac190
Robert and Katherine from the world-famous Triangles step out in front with their self-titled debut album. read more here
buy the cd * Bandcamp * iTunes

CHEWEE Lucky Luke and Claudine Take Off! hac198d
Shelved instrumental album from 1996-1998.
Bandcamp * iTunes

MANDEE Musn't Mean Much hac195d
Originally released on the Slice Two compilation. A Tod Ersatz-Desmond Heffrey Production from 1992. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

NIC DALTON AND HIS GLOOMCHASERS Hopetoun Hotel 22nd July 2006 via547
This is a live recording of the original Gloomchasers line up when the band was based in Melbourne. Paul Rigby on the banjo/mandolin, Ben Mason on the electric bass, Lachlan Franklin on the drums/acoustic guitar, Nic Dalton on lead vocals/acoustic guitar/mandolin and Lucy Lehmann on gut string guitar. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

NIC DALTON AND HIS GLOOMCHASERS The Empress Hotel 7th October 2005 via548
This is a live recording of the original Gloomchasers line up when the band was based in Melbourne. Recorded at the Empress Hotel, North Fitzroy on 7th October 2005 read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

MOSES Greater Than Me hac191d
The first release from Moses since they have relocated to Berlin from their homeland of New Zealand.
iTunes * Bandcamp

THE WEDNESDAY NIGHT Blackstar Singularity hac184
digital single! From the forthcoming Music Club Volume Two album out in 2017. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

SNEEZE 1-800 Billy Ruane hac193d
Sneeze return with their first single since the Just The Blues Sped Up album in 2004. The lineup of Tom Morgan, Nic Dalton and Lara Meyerratken give you the 29 second epic "1-800 Billy Ruane" - dedicated to the well-loved, and missed, Boston man-about-town Billy Ruane. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

MODERN BOMBERS Gotcha!/Believe Me hac192d
In October 2016, Adem Kerimofski (Turnstyle, Community Chest) invited Nic Dalton over to Perth to support his other band The Burton Cool Suit at a couple of shows. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

CONRAD GREENLEAF Shimmering Twins hac183d
A (mostly) ambient album from Conrad "Richard In Your Mind" Greenleaf. Grab a pillow and find a shady tree! read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

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