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May 2018

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In 2015, Half A Cow turned twenty-five and we celebrated with a couple of shows in Sydney (apologies everywhere else!) and a giveaway cd with an overview of twenty-four of the label's (mainly early) releases. It disappeared pretty quickly.

Another pressing has just been made and it can be yours too!

All you have to to is buy something on the Half A Cow label, either through the Big Cartel shopping page or our Discogs list and your HAC compilation will be sent with your order. If you buy a Bandcamp download, you'll be sent a code to download the compilation. Modern

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The latest news from Half A Cow - looking back at releases from 2 Litre Dolby, Grandview, Vermishus and the Savages. Look here!

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Nic Dalton and his revolving door of Gloomchasers play three sets at the Gasoline Pony, Saturday 26th May 3-6pm.

PLUNDERERS a little potted rundown of all the Plundees releases

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THE HOTPOINTS Perth Mint hac196
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Split release between HAC and Igloo!
The first benign meeting between Nic Dalton and Adem K in 1995 did not suggest the rich, creative friendship that would eventuate 22 years later. Social media reunited the two in late 2016 and they spent four days laying down the foundations of songs that make up their Perth Mint EP as The Hotpoints. Taking in Eno-inspired pop, Turkish psych and primitive electronica, Perth Mint displays a variety of styles that most full length albums fail to conjure. read more here

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Music Club Volume Two
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The melancholy, psychedelic pop sounds of The Wednesday Night, created by the Sydney-based song writing pairing of Laura Murdoch and Rob Young, could be described as ethereal and dreamy - the 1960s meets the 1990s. And now analogue meets digital as the previously vinyl-only album is now available across all online platforms! read more here

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PLUNDERERS How Could You Fall For Johnny Depp? hac201d

Unreleased mix of the song about Winona Ryder plus the version that appeared on the original Citadel release of Banana Smoothie, Honey

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AUSTIN Suit Monkey via552

Nine year old Austin and his dad with a pop punk song about the trials and tribulations of nine-to-five commuting.

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RURAL FRANCE Two Drink Maximum hac199
Bandcamp * iTunes * Spotify
It’s taken Tom and Rob four years, five babies and a wide selection of perfectly cooked oven pizzas to record ten songs. The fruits of their efforts collected in one album: Two Drink Maximum, a wildly exciting tribute to a sensible night in. Perched precariously between snot-encrusted rocking horses and My Little Pony that won’t switch off, The France have shaped a batch of kitchen sink dramas that hark back to their CD-littered bedrooms of the nineties. Two Drink Maximum is a universal album for every self-doubting 35-year-old in West Wiltshire. read more here

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BERNIE HAYES Sweet Sixteen hac197
Bandcamp * iTunes * Spotify
A compilation of songs from all of Bernie's albums. From Every Tuesday, Sometimes Sunday in 1999 right through to Slow Fix in 2015.

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THE GALLANT TREES Open Book Syndrome hac186
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Second album from Melbourne's The Gallant Trees released first week of December. It contains a mix of mandolin and various horns are reminiscent of Green-era REM. Open Book Syndrome is fun, emotional and cleverly crafted. read more here

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Lucky Luke and Claudine Take Off! hac198d
iTunes Bandcamp
Chewee is a Nic Dalton solo act. This synth and piano-based psychedelic instrumental album has been up on the shelf since it was recorded in 1996-98. Released by Half A Cow Records, December 2017 read more here

Blooming Heck hac190
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"Blooming Heck's self-titled debut record is a garage pop odyssey. It fuses the indie-pop-rock of groups like the Breeders, the Go-Go’s, Tegan and Sarah, and Chastity Belt, with the eclecticism of Ween, Talking Heads, Todd Rundgren, and Ariel Pink. The band members, Katherine and Robert Simpson, were the rhythm section of Australian cult indie group the Triangles, who scored a top-10 single in Spain in 2010 after their song ‘Applejack’ was used in a television beer commercial." read more here

Bury The Dead

January 2018

THE WEDNESDAY NIGHT Down In The Water hac194d
From the Music Club Volume Two album. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

Musn't Mean Much
Originally released on the Slice Two compilation. A Tod Ersatz-Desmond Heffrey Production from 1992. read more here
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MOSES Greater Than Me hac191d
The first release from Moses since they have relocated to Berlin from their homeland of New Zealand.
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1-800 Billy Ruane
Bandcamp * iTunes
Sneeze return with their first single since the Just The Blues Sped Up album in 2004. The lineup of Tom Morgan, Nic Dalton and Lara Meyerratken give you the 29 second epic "1-800 Billy Ruane" - dedicated to the well-loved, and missed, Boston man-about-town Billy Ruane. read more here

MODERN BOMBERS Gotcha!/Believe Me hac192d
Bandcamp * iTunes
In October 2016, Adem Kerimofski (Turnstyle, Community Chest) invited Nic Dalton over to Perth to support his other band The Burton Cool Suit at a couple of shows. Rather than playing a solo set, Nic asked Adem to put together a rockin’ band and they’d play a selection of songs from Nic’s back pages. With Dave Wallace on the bass and Mark Eaton on drums, along with Adem on keys and guitar, Nic (on lead vocals and guitar) dubbed the band the Western Gloomees, and they played songs originally performed by the Plunderers, Godstar, Love Positions and Nic’s current acts, the Gloomchasers and Chewee.

They also performed a ‘new’ song called “Gotcha!” and Nic expressed interest in recording this song, plus a version of the Plunderers “Believe Me” with the Western Gloomees, with the idea of putting the finished product out as a single. Nic decided that the name Western Gloomees didn’t look quite right for the studio version of the band, which now also included E.M. Burrows on piano and, along with Dee Kerimofski, backing vocals.

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Blackstar Singularity hac184d
digital single!
From the forthcoming Music Club Volume Two album out in 2017. read more here
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Shimmering Twins hac183d
A (mostly) ambient album from Conrad "Richard In Your Mind" Greenleaf. Grab a pillow and find a shady tree - lay down and relax! read more here
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For they are sailors just like you and seasick just the same (hac185)
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Paul Scott, principal writer and singer for The Likes of You began his music career in angular NZ group Pop Mechanix before developing his craft in Sydney indie band Montana, alt country act The Kingdom of Jones, and playing bass for Mr Blonde and John Kennedy’s 68 Comeback Special among others. The Likes of You debut release For they are sailors just like you and seasick just the same taps into the uncertainty and unease of current times without sacrificing Scott’s commitment to big melodies and insistent hooks. read more here

Kid Cornered’s fifth album, loopholes (originally titled, ‘I Shall Be Unreleased’) was initially going to be given out, in the way that cassette mix-tapes used to be passed on. But the Kid (The Woods Themselves, El Mopa, Via Tania) handed it to Tim Whitten - the maestro, who whittled it, pounded it like a hotel pillow and kicked out the hospital corners. Its intricately crafted loops are held together by warm, soulful melodies in a reverb glow - an indie rock treasure. read more here

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Best Of And Unreleased Favourites (hac187d)
Bandcamp * iTunes

Half A Cow asked the Triangles to put together a compilation of their recordings. It's a fantastic collection of songs from the Red Panda, Magic Johnson and Seventy-Five Year Plan albums and the Night Lunch EP. You can read all about the Triangles in these liner notes for A Tray Of Cards.

PLUNDERERS Half A Cow cassette (1986) hac188
Bandcamp * iTunes
A cassette given away at a show in October 1986 to celebrate the Plunderers 25th show at the Uni Bar (upstairs at the ANU in Canberra) whilst they were living in Melbourne. The bulk of these songs were recorded at the house they lived in, "Romolo", in West Melbourne, Feb-June 1986.

The Hotpoints/Modern Bombers split 7" moo14
A: The Hotpoints: Crosswires / B: Modern Bombers: Gotcha!
Bandcamp (with download) * Big Cartel

A collaboration between the East Coast (Nic Dalton) and the West Coast (Adem Kerimofski). The first release "Crosswires" appears on a split 7" single with Modern Bombers. The Hotpoints will be releasing a mini-album in the second half of 2017. read more here. Modern Bombers came out of the Western Gloomees, a live band put together by Nic and Adem (plus Dave Wallace, Mark Eaton, Em Burrows and Dee Kerimofski). read more here


Downtown Splitsville hac180
CD * iTunes * Bandcamp
The story of You & Your So-Called Friends starts way back in the early 90s, when the fresh-faced and naive Luke Russell and Leigh Richards began singing harmonies together after
school. read more here

July 2017


Modern Emotions hac182d
out now on iTunes * Bandcamp
Modern Emotions is the 2nd album but first with proper songs from Richard In Your Mind multi-instrumentalist Conrad Greenleaf. He wrote and performed everything himself and it’s mostly recorded on a Tascam cassette 4-track. Think lo-fi classics like early Beck, Ween, the Love Positions and Guided by Voices.

'I don't listen to many new bands these days, but when I do, I only listen to Conrad Greenleaf. He's the only one out there who's music really matters these days!' - Matthew J Tow

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Whareama hac181d
out now on iTunes * Bandcamp
The second long-player from New Zealand psych-pop band, currently touring the other side of the world!

JOHN DOWLER'S VANITY PROJECT Oakleigh/Off The Coast Of Me hac176single
Two songs from the Splendid Isolation album read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

BASTED Volcanic Days via545
Producers Mikl G and MCD (Basted) explore the uninhabited areas of Alternative Synth Pop, with cutting edge sounds and classic songwriting. read more here
iTunes * Bandcamp

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The Logical Cartoon


The Burton Cool Suit via540
iTunes Bandcamp

You Can't Fight City Hall via542
iTunes Bandcamp

The Burton Cool Suit were formed out of the ashes of Perth indie legends Turnstyle and obscure Perth garage punk band The Frantics. The band released their first album (self-titled) in 2005. Their second and final album You Can’t Fight City Hall was released in 2007. Half A Cow Records is more than excited to make these great records - by the Burton Cool Suit - available again for you. read more here

RTR FM story here


Buy the LP
The melancholy, psychedelic pop sounds of The Wednesday Night (TWN), created by the Sydney-based song writing pairing of Laura Murdoch and Rob Young, could be described as ethereal and dreamy – the 1960s meets the 1990s.

Their influences include Spectoresque girl groups, Syd Barrett, The Velvet Underground, Sterolab, Mazzy Star, Shoegaze, and Krautrock. Mostly written over four years in Redfern, Sydney – Music Club Volume Two is the second release from TWN, following on from a four song, self-released 7” single, Music Club Volume One, launched in 2011.

RUN RABBIT (hac178) - single
Bandcamp * iTunes
A wee taster from the Music Club Volume Two album


buy the cd * Bandcamp * iTunes
Dee is a singer and songwriter who was born and bred in Sydney, Australia. She’s fronted various bands over the years, such as Carbuncle Shack (ex Wet Taxis) and added vocals to recordings for David Lane, Even As We Speak and Ian Shadwell.

Dee’s music is atmospheric and mysterious and the four songs on her debut EP Low Tidings were recorded, mixed and produced by Christian Pyle of the bands Acre and Ghost Mountain at his SS Prawn & Spanner Studios in Goonengerry near Byron Bay, New South Wales.


1. Shells On Her Eyes
2. Lucky

Double-sided single from East Coast Low
Bandcamp * iTunes

April 2017


A Fieldfull Of Black Sheep via543
Music producers, Mikl G and MCD are Basted from the Lismore area of NSW. Dreamy and psychedelic grooves. Rhymes with wasted. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes


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Splendid Isolation (hac176)
CD * Bandcamp * iTunes

A new project from singer and songwriter John Dowler is a rare treat for fans of quality Australian pop-rock and power pop (or what ever you want to call it), and of the man's own body of work.

Alternating between Adelaide and Melbourne in the 70s, John led cult bands Spare Change and Young Modern (LA's Bomp! magazine described YM as Australia's first power pop band back in 78) before moving permanently to Melbourne and forming the Zimmermen in the mid 80s. Prior to the Zimmermen he also worked with both Stephen Cummings and Martin Armiger of the Sports on a couple of different projects; after the Zimmermen he released his only solo album to date, an anthology call Low Society. Whilst far from being a prolific artist, John has made some fine records over the years, and his influence on Australian music has been subtle but not insignificant.
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The Vanity Project formed in late 2014 after a too-long (decades...) absence for John from the live and recording scenes; an absence interrupted only by a new Young Modern album in 2007, a few YM shows and subsequently a live album. It was Vanity Project guitarist Mark McCartney - who has previously worked with Mick Thomas and the Go Set and Mick Daley and others - who convinced John to get involved in bands again, and who continues to drive the band with his enthusiasm and great playing.

The band played its first gig in September 2015 and since then has played sporadically around the fringes of Melbourne's inner city pub circuit. Their live set sets consist of John's backlog of original tunes, covers of songs he's always wanted to perform, and a smattering of his past hits including "Don't Go To Sydney" and "Ordinary Man". read more here


The Ramalamas are a five piece Sydney band lead by songwriter and front man Chris Nielsen. The line-up is rounded out with Scott Armstrong (drums), Matthias Engesser (bass), Paul Leadbetter (keys) and Peter Kirwan (pedal steel).

For more than a decade the Ramalamas have been playing a diverse brand of original rock'n'roll informed by 60s pop and west coast country rock. Nielsen's catchy, melodic songs belie a trusted set of influences – Neil Young, the Faces, Alex Chilton, the Kinks, the Stones - and as with their forebears, the bands sound is organic with a loose, 'rough and tumble' approach to both live and studio performance. read more here

Get the cd here: Big Cartel download here: Bandcamp iTunes


We put out Wade Jackson's album last year as a digital-only release and have had many requests to make it available on cd...so here it is! Buy the cd
Wade Jackson has returned with the follow up album to his debut record Goodbye Rain, Hello Sunshine, with the new release Whiskey Alpha Delta Echo. Wade has again teamed up with the very talented producer Liam Judson (Belles Will Ring, Cloud Control) to sculpt an album of rich melodies, lush harmonies and reverb laden guitar driven pop. It stands on the cross roads of Americana-English late 70s guitar pop with a dash of Australiana from the same era. read more here

March 2016


To celebrate that funny beast called "Record Store Day" Half A Cow has a handful of the VERY FIRST SMUDGE SINGLE "Don't Wan't To Be Grant McLennan" (stashed away until now!) which will be available at Egg Records (3 Wilson Street Newtown) on SATURDAY 16TH APRIL.
* * *

Doing a soft and chewy CHEWEE launch at Egg Records on the afternoon of Saturday 16th April. A version of CHEWEE with Damien Cassidy and Clementine Dalton (and me, Chewee!) will be supported by Bible Studies (Paul Scott and Peter Veliks) and Wade Jackson. From 2pm to 5pm at Egg Records, the best secondhand record shop in Sydney. See you there!
* * *

MOSES Moses II hac174d
out now on iTunes Bandcamp

New Zealand Psychedelic outfit MOSES are back with their second EP, following up on their acclaimed 2015 debut.

To be released via Half A Cow Records in Australia, MOSES take their unique brand of ambient-psychedelia in a new direction - Channelling pioneering folk-rock artists of the late 1960s such as Neil Young and The Band in a collection of more natural, but none-the-less ethereal sounding songs. The balance of the lead instruments switches, with Daniel Wylie’s modulated lead guitar taking a more ambient, back-seat approach to Louisa Nicklin’s droning saxophone. The somewhat shy vocal harmonies of Teyler Hayes and Anthony Lander also take a more prominent, upfront role in the new EP - Conversing an overriding concept of finding contentment in adversity and loss.

MOSES will be on tour throughout New Zealand in March 2016 before looking ahead to a full-length album release in late 2016. read more here... Facebook
* * *

ANDIE LOU Sunset Deer hac169
iTunes Bandcamp website

Direct from the real streets of Nashville comes Andie Lou, who writes and sings sleepy songs round the house. Sunset Deer is a handful of these little numbers brought to life in the studio with her friend Joe Pisapia. “It's all atmosphere, it's what you do with it while you're here...” sings Andie Lou. The line could double as a description of her soft, beguiling style. Her songs, casual in composition, deep in mood, are elusive yet alluring. Like old snapshots with cryptic pencilled notes on the back, they invite you into their world and stir the imagination. The longer you spend with them, the more they reveal. read more here...
* * *

The Robot EP via539

When Saturday Comes is a freshly-minted Sydney band playing power pop, new wave and alt.country rock originals - plus the odd, choice cover. It was founded by Dom White and Chris Muir in December 2014, when Dom persuaded Chris, the former frontman of Dunedin's (NZ) Cynthia Should, to dust off his Cole Clark and Kiwi vocal stylings, after witnessing by his well-oiled efforts at a house party.read more here... The Robot EP being launched at LazyBones, Marrickville (Sydney) on Saturday 16th April

* * *

CHEWEE The Electrical Banana Album hac164
vinyl cd iTunes Bandcamp
The Electrical Banana Album is a new solo album by Nic Dalton. read more here...

* * *

THE PROPOSITION Edge Of The Dancefloor hac166
out now on cd iTunes Bandcamp read more here...
* * *

Adam Young (from the Daisygrinders) has a new album Elementary Carnival Blues OUT NOW on Stanley Records

* * *

December 2015

SEE YOU IN 2016!

NEW Half A Cow Mailing List here!

If you're down on the South Coast in early January head over to the Quarterdeck in Narooma on Saturday 2nd.

* * *

Friday 15th January at the Petersham Bowling Club between 8 and 11pm. Join Tom Morgan, Nic Dalton, Simon Gibson and Leticia Nischang for a night of Sneeze. All originals, no covers. Songs from the Sneeze library 1990-2016.

* * *

Two sets at the Petersham Bowling Club. Friday 29th January 2016

* * *

LASERDOWN: Last Christmas hac172
iTunes Bandcamp Soundcloud

Move aside Sir Cliff and Slade...here is the new Christmas single from Sydney's very own Laserdown. A cover of Wham's Last Christmas. All eight minutes of it!
Recorded and produced by Damien Cassidy at Mattress Studio, Summer 2015.

* * *

The night before Christmas and what are you gonna do? Why not come down to the Spesh? Nic Dalton a.k.a. Chewee will open with a set featuring stuff from The Electrical Banana Album. John Encarnacao will follow with Nature Strip tunes, Warmer tunes, and maybe some ancient nuggets.

The last set of the night will focus on a sacred canon - Barry Gibb's existential crisis of the early 1970s. Between the Bee Gees' late '60s pop breakthrough and their glittery disco domination, Gibb senior took a long hard look in tunes such as 'Wouldn't I Be Someone' and 'Don't Want To Live Inside Myself'. The E-Wees will fill the room, and perhaps the world, with Barry's special brand of inspiration for the coming year. Damien "Laserdown" will be joining John and Nic for the Bee Gees set.

* * *

Bernie Hayes ALLSTAR Quartet SHOW!
Camelot Lounge, Marrickville
Friday 20th November 7.30pm

“Bernie Hayes' coffee au-lait voice [is] the balm to all troubles in its mid register and a heart-kicker in its upper reaches.” Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald.

“These are heartfelt songs that engage instantly and enchant repeatedly. The voice is at once powerful and plaintive, the playing at times arresting…” Peter Lalor, The Australian

“A man who embodies the term 'local stalwart,' the first album in eight years from Sydney's Bernie Hayes showcases just what the rest of the country is missing due to the fact he rarely travels beyond home with his intimate live sets. There are no studio tricks on Slow Fix, just effortlessly gorgeous songs full of heart.” 2SER, SERvin’ Up New Music

With album Slow Fix breaking hearts from coast to coast, Bernie Hayes heads back to Camelot on Friday 20 November with the sensational Bernie Hayes Quartet to celebrate the launch of the Hopeless video, produced by Steve Rodgers and directed by Greg Ferris.

Come along to be part of a rare treat – an intimate night of stories, songs and musical enchantment. But be quick to book! Bernie’s last show at Camelot was a sell-out.

* * *

CHEWEE The Electrical Banana Album hac164
vinyl cd iTunes Bandcamp

Whilst waiting for his main outfits The Gloomchasers and ‘kid’s band’ The Sticker Club to record albums, Nic Dalton spent all of May and June of 2015 recording a psychedelic pop album under the name of Chewee. Most songs were recorded on the spot - words and music - and the domineering wah-wah solos throughout are all first takes.

Disillusioned with modern recording technology, he went back to where it all started - the Tascam 4-track recorder, which Nic has used extensively over the years on projects ranging from Love Positions and Godstar, to Sneeze and Gloomchasers. He went a little bit modern using a Tascam studio CD recorder to build up backing tracks, creating a full band sound. These were then played through a late 40s mono speaker box and recorded back into the 4-track machine to layer further instruments and vocals on top with a Roland Space Echo the only effect used on the whole album. Phew!

Ten new songs and two from the late 90s with subject matters ranging from Chupa Chups, the cover of the Velvet’s Live 69 Album, sculptor Tom Bass, a dream about Smudge leaving Half A Cow and an answering machine message from Evan Dando. Double phew! read more here...
* * *

THE PROPOSITION Edge Of The Dancefloor hac166
out now on cd iTunes Bandcamp

Welcome to The Proposition’s new album Edge of the Dancefloor.

Overflowing with pop melodies and witty lyrics, this collection of songs trace the path of a jaded romantic through the streets of Kings Cross, Darlinghurst and Surry Hills. They were written by Luke Russell, who by day is a philosophy lecturer at the University of Sydney. Joining him in the Proposition is everyone’s favourite ex-Wiggle, Murray Cook, along with vocalists Nicole Smede and Brooke Smith, and drummer Peter Timmerman. This record ranges from the upbeat 60s-style pop of All in Uniform and Japanese Linen and Loafers, through the blue-eyed soul of Trial Separation, to the greasy godless gospel of I’m Not the Answer to Anybody’s Prayers. The songs are full of references to Sydney. You’ll be transported from early evening drinks at the Darlo Bar to the neon of Darlinghurst Road at midnight and the teary mess of closing time at Taylor Square. In the frantic Two Step Jive Luke tells the story of a “quick-witted and wasp-waisted” seductress, who drags him onto the dancefloor and out of his depth:

"She danced a two step jive and my feet just couldn’t do it She rolled her arms into a hoop and she told me to jump through it Like I was a tiger in a cage up on the stage Like I was a lion working for a weekly wage”

There are more reflective moments when Nicole sings the gentle but mean-spirited ballad The Women Who’ll Love You, in which she envies the women of Paris who “march like an army of ex-ballerinas to pick up cream trench coats from Asian dry cleaners”. read more here...

Buy the album on CD, iTunes or Bandcamp

* * *

ANDIE LOU Sunset Deer hac169
iTunes Bandcamp website

Direct from the real streets of Nashville comes Andie Lou, who writes and sings sleepy songs round the house. Sunset Deer is a handful of these little numbers brought to life in the studio with her friend Joe Pisapia. “It's all atmosphere, it's what you do with it while you're here...” sings Andie Lou. The line could double as a description of her soft, beguiling style. Her songs, casual in composition, deep in mood, are elusive yet alluring. Like old snapshots with cryptic pencilled notes on the back, they invite you into their world and stir the imagination. The longer you spend with them, the more they reveal. read more here...

* * *

TOM MORGAN Shoot First, Ask Christian Slater EP hac170d
iTunes Bandcamp Facebook

A six track EP from Tom Morgan. Tracks 1 and 2 from a seven inch single originally released in 2001. Tracks 3 and 4 from the Live And Direct cd (Spunk Records) which were recorded live for Andrew Khedoori's Methodology program on Sydney's 2SER-FM. Tracks 5 and 6 recorded during a Halfmiler recording session with Simon Gibson on the drums and Tony Dupé on pump organ. read more here...

* * *

WILDING Molecules To Moons (hac163) cd, vinyl, download
cd iTunes Bandcamp Facebook website
Half A Cow is extremely excited to release the second album by Melbourne's Wilding. CD, download and ltd ed. vinyl. Take your pick! read more here...

* * *

BERNIE HAYES SLOW FIX (hac155) cd, vinyl, download

The fourth studio album from Sydney singer Bernie Hayes is released on the First of May 2015.It is co~produced with Brendan Gallagher and is another outstanding collection of fourteen new Bernie Hayes originals. Out now through Half A Cow on CD, as a digital download via Bandcamp and iTunes and through China Pig Records on vinyl LP

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