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August 2014

Bernie Hayes (solo) at the Green Room Lounge

The one and only Bernie Hayes is playing an extra special solo show at the Green Room Lounge on Thursday 7th August. Resident DJ Nic Dalton will be playing records in between the wonderful songs of one of our finest singers. Come on in, grab a beer or the special cocktail we'll be having for the night: "The Sando". See you there!

Then the Gloomchasers will be playing at the Green Room Lounge the following Friday 15th August along with the Ramalamas and You And Your So~Called Friends.

Nic Dalton and his Gloomchasers playing at the Midnight Special in Enmore on Sunday 13th July. Next show at Gasoline Pony on Thursday 31st July.

All the Half A Cow releases are available at Egg Records, 3 Wilson Street Newtown phone 02-95506056 email baz@eggrecords.com.au

...and this painting is on sale there too!


Luke Russell & the Proposition with Gloomchasers at the Green Room Lounge Sunday 11th May from 6pm

Gloomchasers at the Gasoline Pony Thursday 22nd May - 2 sets - with Hurray for Kathryn, Elmo and possibly Jonno on up first.
February 2014

Nic Dalton "first ever" painting exhibition

From Saturday February 15th to Tuesday March 11th at Sweets Workshop Shop 4, 58-60 Carlton Crescent, Summer Hill.

The Triplettes on the set of "Shake and Pop" (1965)

the Rehearsal

February 2014

Missing Links vinyl has arrived!

Direct from Sundazed, we have copies of their rather grand reissue of the Missing Links LP and EP. Shrinkwrapped!

Only AUD$28.00 (plus post: $6.50 in Australia) - this LP (and EP) is essential for any lover of the BEST SIXTIES MUSIC this country has ever offered. A timeless release. Crazy garagepunk for the ages.

Some reviews of the new Links reissue. The first one from Ugly Things and the next one from Hit List.

Agnes Kain have just completed their third or fourth tour of China! Their latest album is available on cd, Bandcamp and iTunes iTunes

April 2013

It's A Family Affair!

February 2013

It's A Family Affair returns!

If you're in Sydney then another great Sunday afternoon is coming your way when It's A Family Affair returns to the Petersham Bowling Club (77 Brighton Street, Petersham) on Sunday 17th February. The kid-friendly band the Sticker Club (featuring Nic Dalton, Alison Galloway, Ben Whitten and even more kid-friendly lead singer Chanelle Afford!) start the show off at around twenty past two and are followed by Dusty Ravens, the Morris Brothers (featuring Toby and Cam from Youth Group) with the ever-wonderful the Exiles closing the proceedings around six o'clock. Great food, cheap beer, some bowling greens to either run around on or play bowls and a handful of top local bands. All this happening at the pokie-free PBC! See you there!

Tom Morgan (of Smudge and Sneeze fame) has his debut solo album out now on Fire Records in the UK. Stay tuned for how you can get copies in Australia! Meanwhile...visit the Fire Records site here for it.

The Missing Links classic album from 1965 (which Half A Cow has released the cd of) is now back in a yummy vinyl reissue from Sundazed in the US. Get it here direct from Sundazed.

Some new Nic Dalton paintings are available at the Monkey Puzzle toy store at 13 Lackey Street, Summer Hill ph 02-9799 7101 email: info@monkeypuzzletoys.com.au

The last Friday of the month at the Green Room Lounge in Enmore sees Nic Dalton playing a whole swag of ye olde records of music from the 20s to the mid-50s with special guest bands playing something similiar. Step (or swing!) back in time when Spyglass Gypsies and Cigar Box Annie take to the stage on Friday 1st of March (okay, not really the last Friday of the month but close enough!)

November 2012

New album from Agnes Kain

AGNES KAIN: Before we finally meet (hac152)

Half A Cow Records presents Before we finally meet, the new album from Agnes Kain: singers, songwriters and musicians Chanelle Afford and Stefan Simunic from Sydney, Australia. This is their third album, following 2009ís Across the ocean grey and their debut Keep walking or Iíll kill you (2007).

Before we finally meet marks a progressive shift in sound for the indie pop folk duo as they make some noise with electric guitars and new live band Ė Lee Carey on drums and Simeon Johnson on cello. The album also features bass by Nic Dalton, trumpet and guitar looping by Jochen Gutsch (Hinterlandt), violin by Eleanor Grey and vocals by Evan James Purdey.

Recorded and produced by Agnes Kain in their lounge room, kitchen and laundry, this album is about mysterious disappearances, housekeeping, Reykjavik, birds crying in branches, murky water, a threatening moonlight and longing to be the light in your eyes. It was mixed by Sean Carey at Trackdown Studios in Camperdown, Sydney, and mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301 in Alexandria, Sydney.

Agnes Kain have toured Australia and China a number of times and are happy to be launching this album in their home town of Sydney on November 29th 2012 at Notes Newtown.

Mal McGhee from the Wild Cherries, Python Lee Jackson and the Virgil Brothers died of emphysema, advanced cancer and pneumonia on 17th May this year. After being involved with those three acts, the 1970s came along and Mal pretty much gave up on the music industry. RIP Mal.

It's A Family Affair

On Sunday 28th October between the hours of 2pm and 7pm you are all cordially invited to the Petersham Bowling Club for the fifth installment of IT'S A FAMILY AFFAIR where kids and adults run amuck and the sweet sound of the SHOUT BROTHERS, YAE!TIGER, KNIEVEL, COMMUNITY RADIO and the STICKER CLUB will entertain you and the PBC bar 'n' bistro will fill your bellies and the bowling greens will massage your happy and weary bodies and you wonder why life isn't always this good.

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