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split 7"
by Disaster Plan / Alma

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(Low Transit Industries, Aust)

Singles Club #1. Limited edition release of 300 copies.

from the press release:
Alma's 'Everyone Was Right' taken from their 2002 album For Loved Ones And Lost Ones released through Peaton/Dead Frog Records. Alma are Anna Mogren, Frida Eklund, Jonas Olsson and sometimes Erik Hellqvist. Alma formed in 1995 in Granada, Spain with Anna and Frida teaming up to further their mutual love of making music. After a few years of 'playing-in-the-wardrobe' they added Jonas Olsson from Uppsala's best country band, Able, and formed Alma. Anna and Frida write all the music and lyrics and both play a bit of everything! From guitar to bass to piano to banjo, Alma has even been known to feature a harmonica or two. Occasionally joined by Erik Hellqvist on his violin, Alma's sound encapsulates that moment when the sunlight is gently fading with their beautiful lilting melodies. Alma's debut self-produced album For Loved Ones And Lost Ones was released by Dead Frog Records in September 2002 and is distributed by Bonnier/Amigo.

Disaster Plan's 'Waited Too Long' is taken from the Self Help Guide live recording in 2003 due for release on Sensory Projects. Disaster Plan are Richard Moffat and Michael Ruff, two Melbourne lads who've been playing together since 1997. Self Help Guide is their fifth album release in five years, and their first for the Sensory Projects label, the home of the Sadness is in the sky magazine, and recent releases from The Tigers and HOOD. Frequently compared to the undeniable talents of Smog, Will Oldham and Palace Music, Catpower and The Dirty Three, Disaster Plan exude effortless warmth, melodic and harmonic vibrancy, and the same pop aspirations as luminaries such as Arab Strap, The Kingsbury Manx, Wilco, Tex Perkins, Sun and The Beach Boys. Self Help Guide is indeed referential to the emotional tone of these brand new songs; Disaster Plan's somewhat slanted optimism seeping through some otherwise reflective and melancholy tunes. With a string of successful touring jaunts completed in 2001 and 2002 with more tours planned for late 2003, the abundance of gems amongst this collection, Disaster Plan's time has now truly arrived.

side 1: DISASTER PLAN: Waited Too Long
side 2: ALMA: Everyone Was Right


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