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The Long Goodbye
by The Essex Green

PRICE AU$ 20.00

(Low Transit Industries, Aust)

The Essex Green are loyal and proud residents of Brooklyn, New York. The group consists of present and former members of the erstwhile Vermont outfit, Guppyboy, and The Ladybug Transistor. They are also a band that once recorded an entire album under a completely different name - The Sixth Great Lake. It's a veritable musicologist's fantasy! A musical ménage a uno, Sasha Bell, Jeff Baron and Christopher Ziter have conspired to bring forth, with the accompaniment of various gifted friends, their most original composition yet -

The Long Goodbye. A shimmering jewel of a record, The Long Goodbye is the sort you will find yourself listening to over and over again, tuning in to the layers and layers of sonic viscera. And each time you will find something new. Visit the Low Transit Industries website for more info.

1. By The Sea
2. The Late Great Cassiopia
3. Our Lady In Havana
4. Lazy May
5. Southern States
6. Julia
7. Old Dominion
8. Sorry River
9. Chartiers
10. Whetherman
11. The Boo Hoo Boy
12. Berlin


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