Low Transit Industries SINGLES CLUB Split 7 inch Collective
by Various Artists

PRICE AU$ 18.00

(Low Transit Industries, Aust)

A great compilation - it's pretty hard to please everyone with a whole stack of different bands but Low Transit have done a wonderful job here. Not one dud track! Fans of catchy yet slightly off-kilter pop will love this cd.

Sneeze return to their pop roots with 'Sagrada Familia' - their ode to Gaudi's unfinished church in Barcelona - and the Smallgoods with 'Abraham Lincoln'.

from the press release:
Back in the autumn of 2003 three guys had a dream of releasing 14 split 7 inches featuring 28 of the worlds premier POP! & roll bands. Unfortunately the fundamental flaw in this plan was no one seemed to own turntables anymore. Only six of the proposed ever got released and the club was forced to fold in the winter of 2004. The club received great publicity over it's short life and gave a heap of great exposure for some top up and coming artists. This CD is a compilation of the first 6 records plus 6 extra tracks that were scheduled for release but never saw the light of day.

1. The Loch Ness Mouse - Friends & Fenders
2. Sneeze - Sagrada Familia
3. Homescience - June
4. The Zebras - Car Of Idiots
5. Disaster Plan - Waited Too Long
6. Paper Moon - Your Thesaurus Won't Help You Now
7. Serena Maneesh - Drive Me Home The Lonely Nights
8. The Minders - Go Wave Your Wand
9. The Essex Green - The Late Great Cassiopia
10. Black Nielson - Dinosaur
11. The Bites - Etwas Neues
12. Alma - Everyone Was Right
13. ill Bravados - Hall Of Annexed Records
14. The Smallgoods - Abraham Lincoln
15. The Parkas - The Heart Is Only A Muscle
16. The Ladybug Transistor - Jersey Streets
17. Royal City - I Called
18. Mid-State Orange - Casualties Of Casual Ties


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