Who You Know
by Artichoke Heart Soufflé

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It was bound to happen sooner or later. After playing in seperate bands for years, Los Angeles based brother and sister, Brad and Stacy Michelson recorded some demos together discovering THIS was the secret recipe for an Artichoke Heart Souffle.

Their first CD, self titled, in 2006 garnered attention from Los Angeles radio station KCRW and Australian record label Half A Cow. Fall 2008 sees the release of Artichoke Heart Souffle's second CD Who You Know. With the recording of this 7 song EP, Brad and Stacy expanded their sound beyond guitars, bass, and drums by bringing in instruments ranging from melodica, omnichord, and glockenspiel to old favorites like hand claps, finger snaps, and tons of harmonies.

Who You Know includes "Don't Confuse This" a track produced by Hunter Burgan (AFI, Tegan and Sara The Con). Burgan also contributed to the mixing of the record. Artichoke Heart Souffle proves to be more than just a tasty sounding dish - they are a band, an ongoing art project, a collaboration between two songwriters, and something you need to hear.

Who You Know CD booklet contains lyrics to all songs on the album as well as artwork that will leave you gasping for air.

*DISCLAIMER- Artichoke Heart Souffle is not responsible if you blow out your knee while trying to wildly dance along to every song on this album.

1. Fell In Love At The P.O.
2. Don't Confuse This
3. Sunup To Sundown
4. Who You Know
5. Doctor
6. Another Cuppa Tea
7. Love Makes You Soft


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