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Home Of The Big Regret (vinyl)
by Nic Dalton and his Gloomchasers

PRICE AU$ 18.00

(Best Unbeaten Brother, Norway)


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The vinyl version of the Nic Dalton with the Gloomchasers Orchestra Home Of The Big Regret album on Norwegian label Best Unbeaten Brother Records.

Includes colour insert. GREAT SOUND!!! FANTASTIC CZECH PRESSING!!!

12" vinyl

Side One:
1. There's Nobody Coming Over
2. A Century Too Late
3. Deepwater
4. Three Strikes
5. All My Love
6. How Do You Feel?

Side Two:
7. Play All Night
8. I Should've Said, You Should've Asked
9. Two Empty Beds
10. There She Is
11. Somewhere Else
12. Heaven Can Wait Champion Of The World
13. There's No One Waiting In The Wings

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