Homespun Blues & Greens
by Dom Mariani

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from the press release: Homespun Blues & Greens is a soulful mix of pop and rock,
touching on more personal themes while always staying true to the music and sounds Dom
has created over the years. Dom has had an illustrious career over the past 2 decades
fronting internationally renowned Perth band The STEMS, The Someloves & DM3. Late last
year Dom unleashed the long promised instrumental album Underwater Casino with
his new band The Majestic Kelp to a fantastic response from fans. His debut long player was
recorded in Perth and the US and mixed by long-time collaborator and producer Mitch Easter
at his Fidelitorium Studio in Kernersville, North Carolina.

Self produced and recorded with the help of close musical friends, Homespun Blues &
is the debut Dom Mariani fans have been waiting for.

1. Homespun Blues
2. Yuri
3. Out Of Reach
4. At Full Speed
5. Make The Leap
6. Priest
7. Prove
8. Busride
9. Cold Cup
10. Chinese Whisper
11. When It Ends


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