by Semi Gloss

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A different version of Eight Million Strong appears on the La Femme, No Homme? (She Loves You Vol.1) compilation (hac94).

From the La Femme, No Homme? (hac94) booklet:
Semi-Gloss is a quartet from the East Village of New York City. Backed by Nigel Rawles on bass, Shambo Pfaff on drums and Jordy Mokriski, the main songwriter, on guitar, Verena Wiesendanger plays keyboards and takes care of the vocals. As a teenager growing up in France, she sang briefly with a bunch of older boys. "They just wanted a girl who could sing in English," she sighs. In high school, she trained classically for a period. "I thought I was going to be a diva. I am, but not that kind." The band got its start when Jordy, after a year spent in LA, writing songs and absorbing the sounds of the burgeoning Silverlake music scene, returned to New York City and recorded a magical 4-track demo with Verena. The tape became a cult hit on the streets of New York and beyond, and Semi-Gloss soon developed a devoted following. The band released a self-titled, debut album in late 1997, bringing them to the attention of college radio and commercial alternative audiences. Eight Million Strong, has been taken from Semi-Gloss. The album drew comparisons to the Velvet Underground for its driving rhythms, and to Stereolab for its intricate keyboard and vocal arrangements. In 2000, Semi-Gloss released their second full length album, The Falling Kind, still on the Dirt label, which was recorded in Los Angeles with guest drummer Joey Waronker (ex-Walt Mink and Beck).

1. Wild For You
2. Tiny
3. Eight Million Strong
4. Who's Gonna Be Your Man
5. Morning Takes The Night
6. Lo-Ride Hi-Fi


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