Purple Boy Gang 7"
by Pip Proud

PRICE AU$ 10.00

(EM Records JAPAN)

A singular single from a singular singer, 1968's "Purple Boy Gang" and the previously-unissued 1997-recorded "A Million Years From Now" traverse three decades yet display Pip Proud's unchanged and unchallenged uniqueness !?Poet, singer, songwriter, romantic visionary, beloved outsider, Proud's unrestrained genius shines forth on both the Velvetsy band-backed A-side and the solo vox/guitar home-cassette-recorded B-side. Although considered by some to be a sort of Antipodean Syd Barrett, Pip Proud developed his world without prior knowledge of Barrett's work. From the upcoming EM Records release A Fraying Space [EM1121CD/LP], an anthology gathered from his three late-60s albums, plus some previously unreleased recordings.

1. Purple Boy Gang (1968)
2. A Million Years From Now (1997) -previously unissued


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