...Your Bloated Corpse Has Washed Ashore!
by Puerto Muerto

PRICE AU$ 15.00

(Fire Records, England )

Singer Christa Meyer and instrumentalist Tim Kelley began collaborating after a chance meeting on the street. They soon were married, and started crafting uniquely smarmy and intelligent acoustic rock that covered everything from alternative country to German cabaret to Spanish folk. The band's bizarre sounds were eventually brought to the attention of Fire Records, who released their debut Your Bloated Corpse Has Washed Ashore! in 2002. - Bradley Torreano, AMG

1. Silver Shoes
2. Jean Lafitte
3. Go Home
4. Blood Red Wine
5. San Pedro
6. Hetta
7. Streets of Marseilles
8. Das Vidania
9. Crazy Worms
10. Orphans of Stockton
11. Annabelle/Sorry
12. When I'm Alone
13. Baby
14. Grinding Bones
15. Old Man Song
16. Fricasse
17. Adela
18. So Long


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