A Different Ring In Your Ears
by Modern Giant

PRICE AU$ 9.00

(Salty Fuzz Records)

A Different Ring In Your Ears is Modern Giant's first official release, following on from two radio-only singles (both of which appear on the new EP). Modern Giant are a four-piece from Sydney featuring Gynia Favot (ex-Disneyfist), Andy Meehan (Fragile), Simon Gibson (Sneeze) and Adam Gibson. The EP was produced by Simon "Hummingbirds" Holmes and recorded at Damien Gerard and Big Jesus Burger studios in Sydney. Track one, 'The Band's Broken Up', is a tale of long loud nights and time passing, of waking up with ringing ears and smoke-smelling clothes, half-undone by beer and nevertheless preparing to do it all again. And again. The other three tunes, 'Keep On Moving', 'Am I Blind' and 'Lies' showcase the various aspects of the band. For more information email: moderngiant@hotmail.com

1. The Band's Broken Up
2. Keep On Movin'
3. Am I Blind
4. Lies


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