Listen To The Radio
by the Smallgoods

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The Smallgoods' anticipated debut album Listen To The Radio. The album is a celebration of the airwaves. It skips along like your favourite radio station where every song is one you want to hear. 'Good Afternoon' was released as a promo single and instantly earned Melbourne and interstate community radio airplay. It has also made its way to a national audience through Triple J rotation.

The album demonstrates a high level of song crafting with an emphasis on melodies and harmonies. Testament to this is Melbourne's Inpress magazine bestowing Single of the Week status upon the song 'Abraham Lincoln', which appeared on a split 7" shared with New Yorkers, The Essex Green. The single was released as part of the Singles Club collective, through Low Transit Industries.

Listen To The Radio was recorded over 2 years with the help of Melbourne producer, musician and all-round good guy Paul Thomas. Paul has been in bands such as The Huxton Creepers, Weddings Parties Anything and Custard, and recorded Tim Oxley's stunning debut album, It's All About Love.

Buckle up 'cause you're in for a meandering ride along the Smallgoods psychedelic pop highway in the sunshine with the top down, listenin' to the radio!

1. Intro
2. Get Up
3. Capricorn
4. Good Afternoon
5. Enough Said
6. Junior
7. Abraham Lincoln
8. Travesty
9. Baby Grand
10. A Bad Case Of The Wilsons
11. Take Your Bow


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