Home Of The Big Regret
by Nic Dalton and his Gloomchasers

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(Half A Cow)

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"Here's a concept: A breakup record, written with your ex-girlfriend after you’ve broken up. Nic Dalton is an Australian indie legend (The Plunderers, Godstar, Sneeze), who became a big pop star in the '90s, playing bass in The Lemonheads. He also runs the Half A Cow label. This solo album sees him taking another left turn, exploring country, bluegrass and folk as he documents his breakup with Lucy Lehmann (who also plays on the record and provides the liner notes). The rootsy and reflective record is one of the year's best." - Australiana with Jeff Jenkins

1. There's Nobody Coming Over
2. A Century Too Late
3. Deepwater
4. Three Strikes
5. All My Love
6. How Do You Feel?
7. Play All Night
8. I Should've Said, You Should've Asked
9. Two Empty Beds
10. There She Is
11. Somewhere Else
12. Heaven Can Wait Champion Of The World
13. There's No One Waiting In The Wings


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