by Khancoban

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(Half A Cow)

The debut self-titled record from Melbourne's Khancoban. Coming in at 30 minutes, what began life as an EP is something else entirely. It was recorded in the hills outside of Melbourne at the end of 2005. Khancoban make music that is difficult to put in a certain time and place. There are elements of folk, noise and other influences apparent. Taken as a whole, Khancoban music stands apart as something that is truly its own. Although forming in mid 2004, 3/5 of the band had played together for years prior in the greatest bedroom tour of Melbourne ever seen.

There is a sense of wide open space that runs common throughout. Although settled in inner Melbourne, Khancoban (pronounced Can-cOben) are named after a tiny mountain town nestled in the Snowy Mountains in southern NSW: a small town next to a big mountain. This sense of dislocation runs throughout.

This was recorded at Abercorn Studios in the hills outside of Melbourne with young engineer Hugh Counsell who has recently worked with Deloris and Pitching Woo.

1. These Lines Can Be Traced
2. I Wish I Was On A Plane Somewhere
3. Smoke And The Light
4. Everywhere I See The Sea
5. Little Lights, Little Rows
6. Take Me Where I Might Want To Go
7. Untitled


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