Seventy-Five Year Plan
by The Triangles

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(Half A Cow )

a word from the Triangles:
Recorded between November 2005 and January 2007 at the Immortal Combat Sound Facility in Melbourne, 75YP features thirteen new songs, each of which is filled with words and musical notes that have been carefully arranged into detailed sequences and patterns for your listening pleasure. The recipe?Three or four handfuls of psychedelic pop, two quarts of country and western, a dash of folk rock (beaten lightly) and then season to taste with lyric booklet and coriander. Want to hear for yourself? Sample tracks from the new album can be downloaded from the Triangles' website which, incidentally, has had a bit of cosmetic surgery lately and is looking at least ten years younger.

1. The Other Side of the Pillow
2. Horse in the Ointment
3. Meat Blanket
4. Be Careful What You Wish For
5. Our Crops Are Doomed to Fail
6. You Get Me All Worked Up
7. Haven't Seen You Lately
8. Citizens' Band
9. I've Had Eyes For You
10. Ancient City
11. The Headlights Song
12. Molly
13. Will It Float?


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