Across the ocean grey
by Agnes Kain

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(Half A Cow)

Wonderful digi-pack artwork.

Since the release of their debut album Keep walking or Iíll kill you in August 2007, Agnes Kain made the move to London and are now about to release their second album Across the ocean grey. Penned on buses, trains and during airport sleepovers around the world, it is another beautiful collection of songs reflecting on the small things that usually go unnoticed around the bigger things. Recorded by Stef Simunic and Chanelle Afford in London then mixed and mastered in Glasgow at Ca Va Sound by Brian McNeill.

interview with Agnes Kain

1. a great idea
2. set you apart
3. Gideon
4. missing
5. the gentleman from Paris
6. like sirens
7. we crash into the sea
8. sad smiles and goodbyes
9. thieves
10. into the night flying


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