River of Flowers
by Dog Trumpet

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(Half A Cow)

River Of Flowers is Dog Trumpet's new album, their third on Half A Cow, following 2007's classic Antisocial Tendencies. Brothers Reg Mombassa and Peter O'Doherty have spent the last three years recording some of their most personal and autobiographical songwriting to date. Universal themes are touched upon in a suite of songs that trawl through family history, memory, sex, separation, health and mortality, and traverse the globe from Ireland, England, New Zealand and back to Australia.

1. Mr Alcohol and Mrs Marijuana
2. Buttons Undone
3. Into the Sky
4. Invisible Eyelids
5. Great South Road
6. The Wilson Home for Crippled Children
7. Manana
8. Wood Grows On Trees
9. Manchester
10. On the Mighty Ocean Alcohol
11. Strangers Like You

1.Mr Alcohol and Mrs Marijuana


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