Manilow 2CD (Classic Reissue)
by Smudge

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(Half A Cow)

Originally released in 1994, Manilow holds the title of biggest-selling Half A Cow record as it was also released in UK by Domino and labels in Canada and Japan. Featuring the songwriting talent of guitarist Tom Morgan, along with bassist Adam Yee and drummer Alison 'Galfunk' Galloway, it's 21 songs of fast-paced innercity fuzzy-pop. Expanded to a two-disc set with six acoustic Tom demos (worth the admission alone) and eleven Triple J live-at-the-wireless tracks. Includes 28 page booklet with liner notes by producer Nic Dalton, review clippings and fans/fellow musician's 'Manilow Memories'.

disc one

1. Manilow
2. Ingrown
3. Impractical Joke
4. Superhero
5. Funny You Should Mention That
6. Bodyshirt
7. Down About It
8. Little Help
9. Desmond
10. Scary Cassettes
11. Mr Coffee Man
12. Pulp
13. Dave The Talking Bear
14. Ugly, Just Like Me
15. Divan
16. Not Here For A Haircut
17. Don't Understand
18. Hell On Hot Bread
19. Top Bunkin' Duncan
20. Charles In Charge
21. Kelly

disc two
Tom Morgan acoustic demos:
1. Ugly, Just Like Me
2. Hope You Like Lou (Scary Cassettes)
3. What Do You Mean I Don't Understand
4. Alison Tells Me She's Not Sure That What She's Got Is Contagious
5. Outside
6. Superhero
7. Ingrown
8. Outside
9. Little Help
10. Funny You Should Mention That
11. Outdoor Type
12. Scary Cassettes
13. Impractical Joke
14. Pulp
15. My Bright Idea
16. Down About It
17. Tea, Toast & Turmoil


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