Coastal 2CD
by Godstar

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(Half A Cow)

Original release date: 1995 on Half A Cow/Mercury

Re-release of Godstar's 1995 album with 4 non-LP b-sides added plus 14 track limited edition disc featuring unreleased (tracks 1-6) and rare songs (tracks 7 & 8 originally released on Coastal 'Side Four: Love & Death') plus a live show from November 1995 (tracks 9-14).

Both discs also sold separately.


"The grand sweep of these songs - taking in arrangements using brass, string and piano parts recorded both locally and abroad - rarely fetter their deep sentiment, aided by simple-hearted lyricism and the album's overall upbeat factor." - Rolling Stone, 1995

"Line-up change for each song and feature members of such local bands such as Smudge and the defunct Hummingbirds, or overseas pals such as Fuzzy. Lyrically Dalton is thirty-something and still fascinated by the joys of first love, the bewilderment of the break-up and the simple things in life. Add a couple of wide-ranging covers from Buffalo Springfield and the Stylistics and you've got a pleasantly motley menagerie." - Who Weekly, 1995

"From the time that snarling guitar cuts into the opener Mistletoe Revenge, you know it's got you. Pushpin's angelic melodies and cute tinklings prove all to short, but nonetheless infectious, but it's the brilliant pop pleasantries of the wonderful Another Spring Another Love that stands out so popervescently from the rest." - Drum Media, 1995

Disc One (Hac42)
1. Mistletoe Revenge
2. Pushpin
3. Another Spring, Another Love
4. Friend Of A Friend
5. It's Hard To Love A Drunk
6. Out Of My Mind
7. Seeing Stars
8. Table For One
9. Mathrock Boy
10. Fly Me To The Moon
11. Go Now
12. Coastal
13. Enter #3
14. Theme From "Annandale 2038"/Lula
plus bonus tracks:
15. Needle Pulling Thread
16. Blissed Out Clown
17. High Anxiety
18. Your Ego's Out Of Control

Disc Two (Hac105)
1. Pushpin
2. Another Spring, Another Love
3. Seeing Stars
4. Death At The Empress
5. Red Bull
6. Never Seen A Rainbow
7. Forever Snowing Inside
8. Watch Out Bicycle
9. Another Spring, Another Love
10. Seeing Stars
11. It's Hard To Love A Drunk
12. Forever Snowing Inside
13. Way Out Jim
14. Table For One


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