Assorted Creams
by The Orange Humble Band

PRICE AU$ 20.00

(Half A Cow)


The first release from Darryl Mather (Someloves), Ken Stringfellow (Posies, Big Star Mark 2, REM touring band), producer Mitch Easter, Anthony Bautovich (Lonely Hearts), Bill Gibson (The Eastern Dark, Bernie Hayes Quartet) and Peter Kelly (drums). Includes the Down In Your Dreams (hac79) single.

1. Fanclub Requiem
2. Down In Your Dreams
3. Sleepin' In My Caravan
4. It Doesn't Matter
5. Spindizzy
6. Any Wonder How
7. Can't Get What You Want
8. Little Picture Story Book
9. Katie Said So
10. Cherrytime
11. Rainin' Like Soft Fun
12. Hello Emptiness
13. Think I'm Gonna Get You (Oh Dwight)
14. Apple Green Slice Cut (Tamra Tamla)
15. Through Your Veins

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