Heard It Through The Bovine Vol 2
by Various Artists

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(Half A Cow)

Smudge: Real McCoy Wrong Sinatra Lifted from the album of the same name (Hac 73), this tune finds Smudge 'frontman' Tom Morgan going it alone with the acoustic guitar and yet more lyrical references to a certain heavily-tattooed bohemian. But make no mistake, the album as a whole is a rootsy, rockin' affair high on melody with a true Modern Lovers aesthetic.

Tendrils: Goat Curry Tendrils is the highly lauded vehicle for extraordinary guitarist Charlie Owen (New Christs, Beasts of Bourbon) and Hoss frontman Joel Silbersher. Taken from their brooding and beautiful Soaking Red album (Hac 71), "Goat Curry" is a succulent 'taster' of their parched, surreal ballads.

Bernie Hayes: Falling Over Backwards Bernie began earning a living by singing, playing and writing songs before he even left school. It was all he did and it was everything he did. What was then captivating natural talent has now a lot more to offer - an incredible voice made tender and terrible by experience, a life drawn into song by effortless melodies. "Falling Over Backwards" is lifted from his debut album Every Tuesday, Sometimes Sunday (Hac 84).

the band formerly known as 2 Litre Dolby: Dead Letter Office Lifted from the El Caballo Rojo album (Hac 77), an epic 8 song 70 minute platter ranging from melancholic beauty to cyclic white noise, "Dead Letter Office" finds the 'Dolby taking their most straightforward, melodic approach, but still one which spells out their sheer musical inventiveness.

Art Of Fighting: Sliding Making music of uneasy grace, exploring expansive involved arrangements within a subtle, almost quiet setting, young Melbourne four-piece Art Of Fighting more than hint at what all the fuss is about with this selection from their debut release The Very Strange Year (Hac 74).

Kim Salmon & The Surrealists: Put Your Trust In Me Can this man do no wrong? Yet another fine slab of sound from the ex-Scientist's most recent album Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing (Hac 63). Recorded in Kim's kitchen and then mixed in Memphis with the legendary Jim Dickinson, Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing is a highly potent mix of rhythm 'n' blues, kitsch crooning, a dash of country and that renowned slow-grinding Salmon rock...but expect something very different the next time 'round.

The Orange Humble Band: It Doesn't Matter A mighty fine slab of infectious pop from the beguilingly titled Orange Humble Band. based around the irrepressible songwriting talents of Darryl Mather (Someloves) and featuring vocals from The Posies' Ken Stringfellow, production from Mitch Easter and spots from a host of high profile Australians including Bill Gibson (The Eastern Dark), The Orange Humble Band's Assorted Creams album (Hac 67) offers a rollicking yet majestic rock & roll experience.

The Eastern Dark: Johnny & Dee Dee A high adrenaline paean to two of the legendary 'brudders' from the tragically short-lived Eastern Dark, this track is lifted from the Where Are All The Single Girls? (Hac 75) definitive compilation, covering all their studio recordings (including demos) and another 9 live originals. Due for release in October '99 with extensive liner notes and photos.

The Missing Links: Wild About You Widely recognised as 'Australia's wildest '60's band', these teenage 'pioneers of punk' haven't dated one bit. Now their generous legacy of four singles, an album and an EP and some never-before-released material has all been lovingly packaged together with the definitive story and a host of unpublished photos. The music can't be described - it has to be heard - so check out Driving You Insane (Hac 76).

Sneeze: The Condensed Four Seezons With a complete turnaround from their 1993 double self-titled 7" and cd (41 songs all under 2 minutes in length!), Sneeze released an 18 minute, 55 second epic called The Four Seezons (Hac 69) on 12" LP with 11 acoustic songs from a live radio show on the B side (Sneeze's first ever live performance). Available only here on "Heard It Through The Bovine (Vol 2)" is a condensed version of "The Four Seezons" lovingly edited by William Bowden.

1. Smudge: Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra
2. Tendrils: Goat Curry
3. Bernie Hayes: Falling Over Backwards
4. 2 Litre Dolby: Dead Letter Office
5. Art Of Fighting: Sliding
6. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists: Put Your Trust In Me
7. The Orange Humble Band: It Doesn't Matter
8. The Eastern Dark: Johnny & Dee Dee
9. The Missing Links: Wild About You
10. Sneeze: The Condensed Four Seezons


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