Eighteen In A Week
by Smudge

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(Half A Cow)

Lifted from their third proper album, Real McCoy Wrong Sinatra, 'Eighteen In A Week' is a bouncin', two and a bit minutes of smudgin' pop backed by four new tracks including a full band version of 'Real McCoy Wrong Sinatra'. The third proper track, 'Gutless Wonder', reveals the dark underbelly of the Smudge world hinted at on the album on tracks like 'Jo Jo & The Guts' and 'I Was Born To Change The World'. 'Nothing To Lose' and companion track 'And Plenty To Prove' show that, yes, even Smudge don't know exactly what is going on sometimes. Hold on, I think you would call it experimental. The unlisted 'Outdoor Type' was recorded from a house in Annandale while Smudge were playing the Homebake Festival at Sydney University - 2.5 kilometres away!

1. Eighteen In A Week
2. Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra (electric)
3. Gutless Wonder
4. Nothing To Lose
5. And Plenty To Prove
6. (unlisted) Outdoor Type


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