Any Way You Want It
by The Orange Humble Band

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A taster from the album Humblin' (Across America), Any Way You Want It was recorded at the famous Ardent Studio in Memphis. Any Way You Want It (Hac 89) includes 3 non-LP b-sides (Sleepin' 99, A Dream Of Butterflies, Annie Run Run Run - alternate mix).

Any Way You Want It is the first single to be taken from the second Orange Humble Band album, Humblin' (Across America). Lead by an amazing vocal performance from Ken Stringfellow, Any Way You Want It is yet another pop gem to come from the pen of Darryl Mather and is truly an uplifting song. Of the other songs, Sleepin' 99 is an alternative version of Sleeping In My Caravan, which was originally released on the band's first album, Assorted Creams. Tinged with a Tijuana styled brass section, A Dream Of Butterflies (lo siento) is a really lovely and appropriately laid back acoustic tune about flying down to Mexico and experiencing cheap food, Tequila and broken truths. The last song, Annie, Run Run Run starts off with some Byrdsian harmonies and develops into great pop song that is again dominated by Ken Stringfellow. While Annie Run Run Run could have easily been the lead single, it's the title track that is the stand out song on this EP. Rating: 4.5/5 - Pop On Top review

1. Any Way You Want It
2. Sleepin' 99
3. A Dream Of Butterflies (lo siento)
4. Annie Run Run Run (the guitar solo mix)

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