I'll Be Around Escobar Remix EP
by Kim Salmon

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(Half A Cow)

Track 4 from Record. All other songs previously unreleased. Like the previous single Disconnected, track 1 it has been re-mixed by Stu and Justin of Southend/Antenna fame (calling themselves Escobar this time) but this time it has a more broad appeal in it's style (rather than the techno onslaught of Disco Neck Ted). This time around the re-mix will be the first track, followed by a re-mix of another album track Anticipation, a new acoustic track which hints at Kim's next direction The Lord Of Darkness and to finish the EP off is the album version of I'll Be Around which was co-written by Dave Graney and Mark Arm from Mudhoney.

1. I'll Be Around
2. Anticipation
3. I Was The Lord Of Darkness
4. I'll Be Around (LP version)


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