the Maybe Moving In EP
by Sneeze

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(Half A Cow)

Sneeze are back with a new EP, featuring the upbeat Maybe Moving In Together Wasn't Such A Good Idea, taken from last year's Lost The Spirit To Rock & Roll. The Maybe Moving In EP also includes seven phenomenal new b-sides; first up, the beautiful and catchy (Love Theme From) Cousin Erich, a duet between Tom and Lara about a Marrickville couple who just can't get it together. Then there's (Theme From) Smoke! - Sneeze's buoyant theme song for a 70s TV show, whose hero is a Shaft-esque Native
American PI . Track four, Beibe Pelu, is a Spanish rendition of Baby Asleep (the original version was released on Sneeze's debut album) with the lovely vocals of Leticia Nischang (of Spain's 120 mins). Next up are four separate tracks that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle - Tittie Bar (Part 2); Girls, Girls, Girls, Crazy Girls; Nurse Jones; and Tittie Bar (Part 3). The Tittie Bar Suite is a 13-minute journey through the sad world of strip clubs, seen through the persective of a lonely customer, a club MC, and a single mother stripper with a law degree.


Plenty of fun, value and diversity within this indie eight-tracker and you'd do well to get yer mitts on a copy. In particular, check out the Steve Miller-ish tones of the title cut, the brief but moving 'Beibi Pelu' or the meandering 'Girls, Girls, Girls, Crazy Girls'. - Time Off

1. Maybe Moving In Together Wasn't Such A Good Idea
2. (Love Theme From) Cousin Erich
3. (Theme From) Smoke!
4. Beibi Pelu
The Tittie Bar Suite:
5. Tittie Bar (Part 2)
6. Girls, Girls, Girls, Crazy Girls
7. Nurse Jones
8. Tittie Bar (Part 3)


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