Minutesongs (12 bands in 12 minutes) 7inch
by Various Artists

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(Local Standard Time, Germany )

Twelve bands in 12 minutes! Most bands are from Germany. Includes Robyn and Nic from Love Positions reformed in 2002 as the F-holes doing a cover of Smudge's 'Tea, Toast & Turmoil'. Comes with 8 page booklet full of band info and one minute paintings and drawings.

label bio:
LST 001 is an old-fashioned sampler, indeed it's entirely tied to the 90s (or the way we perceived them through Sentridoh and Wingtip Sloat (dig them!) 7"s. With it's handmade appearence (largely due to it being handmade, for the most part), photocopied booklet, and handnumbered seal it speaks of a time that appears to be long gone. They spelled it v-i-n-y-l and d-i-y, we're told. There are twelve bands on this sampler, each supplying a song exactly one minute in length. This is a nice thing for those tiny bits of tape that are always left when you make a mixtape (if you are the kind of person who likes 7"s, how could you not still like tapes?). Which bands, you ask? Here we go:
Clayton Farlow "Dancing With You" has more memorable melodies than you'd think one could possibly squeeze into one minute. Clayton Farlow are fond of the Elephant 6 school of songcraft and are not afraid to show it. This song will make you move your feet - if only for a minute.
Tripophon "Nonlinearer Schnitt" is German for "Nonlinear Cut". The title says quite a bit about the songs but it fails to explain why an act from the tiny German town of Ilmenau found a sound so entirly its own, somewhere between modern electronica and 60s instrumental music. You can download more great songs here: www.tripophon.de
Locas In Love Since maybe you aren't fluent in German you may not notice that "What Matters Is The Poem" is something like a mission statement from the Locas. Nevertheless you may enjoy their German take on Glaswegian Folk.
Helgoland These People from Hamburg claim that they don't know how to write long songs. Naturally they had to be included. "Malato Minuto" shows that the bassoon is an instrument that has too long been underappreciated in rock music.
Mawe & The Walkie Talkie Monsters Another self-explanetory song title: "Casiotone Toothbrush" is another outing of southern Germanys hero of lo-fi songwriting and prime collector of old electronic instruments Mawe. He also plays in Mikrofisch who will be on one of the Punk Rock Samplers to come.
Centro-Matic Whether it is with Centro-Matic, South San Gabriel or alone, Will Johnson from Denton/Texas is always great. "The Pilot's On The Wall" is further evidence that he is among the best (and most often overlooked) songwriters of his generation.
Kurt Kreikenbom If Kurt Kreikenbom has been one of the most prolific musicians in Cologne for quite some time - although we guess that, hearing "L.A. Lullaby", you would have thought he had recorded it in a long forgotten jam session with Gram Parsons, late '67, somewhere in California.
Nilg If Nilg took just a little less time to record their records (they are now in the fifth year of finishing the follow-up to their debut) they would be modern-day Krautrock legends. "Verstehnis" is the first song they've released since then and we are very proud to have it on this sampler.
Treysuno "Movement" is a 'lets us expect great things from Treysuno'. These guys from Ohio are currently recording their debut full length which will be released later this year (or early 2004). Certainly the most powerful song on this sampler.
Subterfuge Subterfuge have been something like the German Teenage Fanclub for the last ten years. "The Art Of Fighting" is such a sweet short song that we hope this band will continue to release records for at least another ten years.
Muller Archie Muller is one of the best people we know. He has recorded with members of the Oblivians in Memphis, has played in countless bands and projects and now runs the amazing label Schinderwies Productions in Regensburg/Bavaria. We have yet to be disappointed by something that he has been involved with.
F-Holes Nic Dalton runs the Half A Cow label in Sydney. Amongst other bands they release records by Smudge, led by sometime Lemonhead Tom Morgan. "Tea, Toast and Turmoil" is a Tom Morgan song. Nic (who plays in Sneeze with Tom) covered this song specially for this record. It is a joyous anthem and a perfect example of how fulfilling short songs can be.

Side A:
1. Clayton Farlow: Dancing With You
2. Tripophon: Nonlinearer Schnitt
3. Locas In Love: What Matters Is The Poem
4. Helgoland: Malato Minuto
5. Mawe & The Walkie Talkie Monsters: Casiotone Toothdrum
6. Centro-matic: The Pilot's On The Wall
Side B:
7. Kurt Kreikenbom: L.A. Lullaby
8. Nilg: Verstehnis
9. Treysuno: Movement
10. Subterfuge: The Art Of Fighting
11. Muller: Ode To Plus Ganzwind
12. F-holes: Tea, Toast & Turmoil


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