12345 Accelerate
by Remake Remodel

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All girl. All rock. Killer live sounds, Remake Remodel have been ripping up the Melbourne pub scene for just on 5 years now. Not seen them? Hell, where ya been? After a slew of top supports, from Jet to The Datsuns, The Donnas to NY's Lunachicks, The 'Remakes packed up their gear last year and flew to the US & Canada, to give the rest of the world a taste of their angular new-wave pop. Known for their spiky vocals and a jagged guitar aesthetic, they evoke classic late 70s punk bands, whilst cementing an unmatched sound of their own. Remake Remodel's latest EP 12345 Accelerate, has just been reissued by Melbourne label Popboomerang Records. The disc was recorded between drinks at Revolver Arcade earlier this year. Title Track '12345 Accelerate' blasts thru the speaker for just over two minutes. If it was an automobile it would have won `wheels car of the year' three times now. 'Thanx 4 Nothing' is a killer bass driven track that builds in intensity until the final thumping crescendo end. Just in time for Summer, 'Jellybean' closes proceedings with Pina Colada's, ice cream, and a shiny pop remix delivering DJ Ransom who brings the looped beats along for his new take on a live favourite. The band took this EP overseas and sold out the debut pressing. Gina from The Lunachicks loved it, a guy behind the bar in Portland called the band the Oz Sleater Kinney, and a reviewer in Toronto think's it's better than The Donnas. Remake Remodel were one of the main acts for the hugely successful underground festival Ladyfest Melbourne in 2003 and in Jan 2004 played The Big Day Out in Melbourne.

For more info visit the Remake Remodel site at http://www.remakeremodel.live.com.au

1. 12345 Accelerate (MP3)
2. Thanx 4 Nothing
3. Jellybean
4. Jellybean Remodel (Ransome Mix)
5. 12345 Accelerate Video MPEG


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