5 Track EP
by Remake Remodel

PRICE AU$ 9.00

(self-released )

Rockin' band from Melbourne, recorded by Simon Grounds at Atlantis, that starts off with the ultra-catchy 2 Way and finishes with a cover of the Iggy Pop classic. Getting tonnes of Triple J, RRR, PBS and 4ZZZ airplay. For more info visit the Remake Remodel site


Now four years old, local ladies Porcelain are starting to show signs that they're mastering their particular brand of fragile girly-pop meets ass-kickingly raw punk'n'roll. In 2 Way, they pull off a nice twist on the soft-loud dynamic, going sweet-aggro instead. Then they slow things down for rough around the edges power ballad Neveready, before heating up again with some edgy-cool guitar work and choppy rhythms on Girls Better. Shot shows that they can do moody and ethereal, and their cover of Iggy's I'm Bored is charged with a confidence it'd be nice to hear come through in their own songs. All bases covered then. - Neala Johnson, Beat BR.

I've seen this all-girl rock band many times now. Their live show is always fun and rocking! Most bands I've seen them play with just happen to be full of boys, but there's something about Porcelain that puts them ahead of the rest. They have catchy rock songs and portray this friendly energy from stage, yet you feel there's more to this band than they're letting you in on. Jess's vocals are as sexy on the disc as the whole band looks and sounds live. 5 Track EP is the second release from the girls, and the recorded tracks represent the band well. I feel the production is a little on the light side, but the whole thing still works... Reminds me of The Strokes production - less is more, but i think Porcelain are way better! My favourite tracks would have to be 2 Way and Shot. - Robkaay, www.popstarzine.com

1. 2 Way
2. Neveready
3. Girls Better
4. Shot
5. I'm Bored


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