Truckload Of Trouble 1986-1993
by The Pastels

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(Paperhouse/Fire Records, England)

Formed in Glasgow, The Pastels were hailed as "the sound of young Scotland" in 1986. Although virtually unknown outside of indie-rock circles, The Pastels were one of the most inspirational and enduring groups of their era. Singer Steven Pastel has both inspired and infuriated a generation (or two) with his shambolic but compelling brand of tune-riveted pop. The band have both influenced and collaborated with the likes of Bobby Gillespie, Norman Blake and Jad Fair.

Truckload Of Trouble is a brilliant directory of The Pastels from 1986-1993. This is as definitive a document as one will get, explaining just why The Pastels have influenced almost every jangly record to have come from these isles. Including the purely loveable indie hits 'Truck, Train, Tractor', 'Thru' Your Heart', 'Thank You For Being You' and a sparky cover of the Mike Nesmith penned 'Different Drum'.

1. Thank You for Being You
2. Thru' Your Heart
3. Firebell Ringing
4. Kitted Out
5. Comin' Through
6. Over My Shoulder
7. Truck Train Tractor
8. Crawl Babies
9. Nothing to Be Done
10. Different Dream
11. Not Unloved
12. Baby Honey
13. Speeding Motorcycle
14. Speedway Star
15. What You Said
16. Dark Side of Your World
17. Sometimes I Think About You
18. Sign Across Me


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