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The Painted Word
by Television Personalities

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(Fire Records, England )

A more cleanly produced TVPs record than most of their previous efforts, The Painted Word is also a more serious album, less whimsical but no less charming; favoring a subtle, droning pop sound, tracks like the politically charged 'Back to Vietnam' and the lovely 'Someone To Share My Life With' are heartfelt and resonant, foreshadowing the more dramatic twists taken by Dan Treacy's songwriting following the band's long late-1980s layoff. - Jason Ankeny, AMG

"The Painted Word, alongside Big Star's Sister Lovers and any one of Nick Drake's LPs, is one of the best emotionally introspective LPs I've ever heard. Dan Treacy's songs tear me apart. This is their finest moment. Both the humour and tragedy of the songs are beautiful. It deserves re-release. Well done Fire." - Alan McGee, Creation Records 1990

1. Stop And Smell the Roses
2. The Painted Word
3. A Life Of Her Own
4. Bright Sunny Smiles
5. Mentioned In Dispatches
6. A Sense Of Belonging
7. Say You Won't Cry
8. Someone To Share My Life With
9. You'll Have To Scream Louder
10. Happy All The Time
11. The Girl Who Had Everything
12. Paradise Estate
13. Back To Vietnam


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