Soundtracks for Carparks
by Nicola Schultz

PRICE AU$ 18.00

(Nicola Schultz)

New album Soundtracks for Carparks

Schultz combines her strong vocals with the impeccable guitar work of Mickey Levis (Troy Horse Studios co-founder) and natural violin and sitar of Nicolas Lyon (Xavier Rudd Band)

Dance of Life (track 4) was on the ArtGroupie 2012 compilation
Ubiquity Dream.

Track 10 has a video on

Soundtracks for Carparks is quite different to my previous work, and by far the best music I have recorded since my Swirl days. It has an interesting mix of styles, with a catchy pop song, a Beatles style sitar song, a nice Hawaiian style ditty, some heartfelt indie music, a new take on a grunge classic, a darker Bjork style tune, and a blues surprise. I think you’ll enjoy it.


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