Kiss You On The Mouth
by Warmer

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(W. Minc )

Warmer is the songwriting project of Sydney singer/guitarist John Encarnacao. While those who have heard his forthcoming album have put him in the company of Elvis Costello and Elliott Smith, the first single Kiss You On The Mouth is a pop goal kicked from left field. John's story: After years of working on other people's records - scoring strings and brass and playing and singing for Sneeze, the Whitlams, the Orange Humble Band, Bernie Hayes, Godstar and others - and exploring more experimental areas - he realised a couple of years ago that it was time to get back to his first love - songwriting. Since then there's been a flood of songs that, thankfully, shows no sign of stopping. The album, A Prayer For Soft Honey, will be out through W. Minc Productions in September 2002.

1. Kiss You On The Mouth
2. Shoes
3. Staring Down Heaven


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