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A Prayer For Soft Honey
by Warmer

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(W. Minc )

Warmer make their debut on cd with A Prayer For Soft Honey. Leader John Encarnacao has been a music journalist, made experimental sounds with Upsidasium and St Crustacean, done stellar arrangements for the Whitlams, Bernie Hayes and Sneeze. Warmer is a different kettle of fish in that it's John's very own kettle. A Prayer For Soft Honey has drawn comparisons with Elliot Smith, Tim Rogers and the Icecream Hands but John is no slavish imitator. He wears his influences proudly but uses them to create music that's stunningly beautiful and true to his heart.

1. Prayer
2. #8 Dream
3. Kitten Claw
4. Magic Child
5. Kiss You On The Mouth
6. Show
7. Water Down There
8. Devochka
9. No Man's Land
10. Where Were You
11. Roving Eye


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